Ocean College


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Johan Kegler
Johan Kegler applies his educational experience to Ocean College. He believes that learning is done best through individual and practical methods and should always include personal development. In 2008/2009 Johan was a teacher and project leader on a similar project and through...
Falco Aust
Falco Aust is one of the founders of the Ocean College project. Inspired by Johan, this business lawyer believes in the potential of the project and stands behind it. Since his studies, Falco has become an advocate for a learning experience...
Johannes Borchert
Johannes Borchert was a student on a sailing school himself. The trip had a great impact on him and it changed his world-view forever. Johannes can share his experience in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Supply Chains in the trade...
Susan Brennicke
Just in time before the first sail voyage of Ocean College started, Susan Brennicke joined the team for Communication & Organization. Finishing her studies on media & communication and gathering some experience in eCommerce marketing, Susan felt there is something...