Ocean College

Mentoring Program

Ocean College’s founders all come from a background in career orientation, and therefore know the importance of these three questions:


Who am I? What can I achieve? What do I want?


We are completely convinced that Ocean College can be a valuable experience for participants even after their abitur (German high school diploma equivalent), just as the students on board can benefit from mentor experiences. For participants looking for this opportunity, we would like to offer an alternative to a year abroad, a gap-year, or FSJ/social service volunteer program.

Together with the life experience this project can offer its mentors, it also provides the perfect environment to find the right career path or the perfect university program.

Mentors will be carefully chosen based on maturity and motivation. Our ideal team would consist of two male and two female mentors. The trip cost for a mentor is the same as a student, though this will allow the accompanying students to benefit from your education and life experience.

Mentors are given the opportunity for personal development in a setting that is not often found and can:

  • take responsibility for their own duties on board, for example: Project management for the trip, trade project coordination, leading the climate and rainfall data project, communications process, watch post, preparation of port excursions, etc.
  • actively participate by using their abitur knowledge to help students with their school work
  • learn how to lead group activities with the help of an experienced teacher
  • benefit from career orientation, coaching and competency training and receive priceless feedback that can be applied to their future life plans

The on-board program will be individualised for each mentor to properly meet their needs.