Ocean College

Travel Route


The Ocean College voyage starts in Amsterdam, travels along the western coast of Europe, through the English Channel, and continues to the Canary Islands. The ship then crosses the Atlantic, and arrives in the Caribbean, before continuing on to Central America. On the return journey, the ship will pass the Bahamas, the Azores and Ireland. Port destinations and projects will take place in Tenerife, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba and Ireland. More specific information on the voyage can be found on the itinerary pages. These are only the main destinations, many more port visits will take place, depending on weather conditions.

Stage 1 – Amsterdam (NL) – Caen (FRA) – Lisbon (POR) – Tenerife (ESP)

Stage 2 – Tenerife (ESP) – Atlantic Crossing I – St. Vincent – ABC Island/ San Blas (PAN)

Stage 3Costa Rica

Stage 4 – Puerto Limón (CRC) – Cancún (MEX) – Arroyos De Mantua (CUB)

Stage 5 Havana (CUB) – Bahamas / Bermuda – Atlantic Crossing II – Fajal, Azores (POR)

Stage 6  –  Fajal, Azores (POR) – Knight’s Town (IRL) – Amsterdam (NL)

Following the chilly journey through the North Sea, as well as many ports in Normandy, Spain and Portugal, the ship will set course to Tenerife. We will then travel from the Canary islands, the most southern part of Europe, along the route taken by Christopher Columbus, and using the trade winds, will sail leisurely across the Atlantic. This is the perfect time for sailing courses and school classes. Upon arrival in the Caribbean, the group will enjoy snorkeling and a christmas celebration amongst other activities on the many islands along the route. The students will be taught about the arrival of Christopher Columbus, colonial history, and slavery, before their arrival in Costa Rica . Following their time in Costa Rica, they will set sail for the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan, where they will enjoy a week long exploration trip. The next stop is Cuba, where they will take part in a cycling tour, and visit various schools and cities outside of the typical tourist hot spots. This allows the students to experience the unique social culture of a socialist state.

After Cuba there will be a short stay in the Bahamas, or Bermuda, in order to prepare the ship for the return Atlantic crossing. Proper preparation is key, the North-Atlantic will require a strong and motivated crew. The ship will be heading to the Azores, the westernmost point of europe, and the preferred destination for a west to east Atlantic crossing. The final port stop will take place in Ireland for a bike and hike tour.