Ocean College

Why Ocean College?

We are convinced that todays education system in Germany doesn’t sufficiently prepare students for life after school. Understanding of one’s own personality, how to deal with conflict, and economic understanding just isn’t taught in the traditional school curriculum. Ocean College transforms conventional teaching methods and the lives of the participants for six months in a sailing classroom. During this time, the students live on a traditional sailing ship and are taught their core subjects while traveling a route across the Atlantic Ocean and to Central America.

This concept of teaching through the surrounding enviroment makes it possible for students to directly apply the theoretical knowledge they’ve gained in class. With groups of no more than 10 students, individual help and instruction the students have the perfect space to learn. The language spoken on board is English and an intensive Spanish course is offered in Central America.

A boarding school sailing the seas requires discipline, commitment and teamwork from all members on board. On a traditional sailboat these qualities are especially important, as they are required day in and day out. Taking a shift on the guard, helping as a steward in the mess hall or swabbing the decks; the students will learn all positions and tasks you must be familar with on the ship. This nautical education finally leads to a “ship’s handover” where students will be able to take full command of our vessel.

Ocean College also provides career-orientation courses to better prepare the student for their future career. The goal is to discover their potential, analyse and develop their individual talents, while at the same time encouraging their personal interests.  On board, the students are given time to reflect their decisions during the watch or in group situations.  A large part of our curriculum is the opportunity to be taught by external experts, who will be helping students with their projects. Attending labourers, entrepreneurs, professors, and lecturers are able to provide specific knowledge in their relevant areas of expertise and will offer courses in the these projects.

Another opportunity for the students is the trading project. Starting with a coffee harvest in Central America, the students will have the chance to export their own coffee from Costa Rica back to the European Union. This will provide realistic insight into topics like project management, logistics, marketing and offers a wide view on the positive and negative effects of globalisation.

For the duration of their time ashore in Central America, the students will be able to work together with Ocean College’s partners to work on their projects. The main goal of these projects is to gain experience in management, logical and sustainable economics, and the development of long term initiatives.

Ocean College is inspired by the concepts of “Outward Bound” by Kurt Hahn. Its basis is for youths to recieve authentic experience in real career settings.