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10.000 Nautical Miles

Author: Joana Lani
Date: 13th March 2020
Nautical position: 3536.2’N/ 4515.3’W
Position: In the middle of the Atlantic
Etmal: 145 nm

10.000 miles on a tall ship

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine to go 10.000 miles on a sailing ship? With 43 other persons, rough weather and sometimes without milk and butter?

Can you imagine to do that for half a year? Half a year with blocked toilets in the morning, Carl’s stinky socks, sometimes no showering for 6 days, cleaning the whole ship every Sunday but still have cockroaches in your room, just rice to eat for days, buckets with puke all over the floor, actually NO sleep at all, just call your parents every 2 weeks when you’re ashore and living and knowing nothing from what is going on with your friends and the world?

Our bubble

Well we did this, for five months now. Even though it sounds quite unattractive, trust me… we had five month full of love, fun, adrenaline, new countries and cultures, homesickness, shanty nights, skies full of stars, sunrises and sunsets, adventures in the jungle and snorkeling around the Caribbean islands, Abbie’s deserts, bad jokes from Ella and cockroaches ;).

These five months were breathtaking. Yes, we do live completely different than the rest of the world does, we live in a little bubble, in our little bubble we built and now it’s our home.

One month left

One month, 31 days, 720 hours. That’s the time we’ve left. Slowly you can feel that we are homeward bound. We’re learning shantys for our arrival in Bordeaux and complete our sail training books.

Crossing the North Atlantic on our way back home to Europe. Counting our last 4 times of Happy Hour (probably more deep clean than happy clean) eating our last midnight snacks and cooking the last few times for 43 persons.

Being excited for Pete’s come back and have some last seamanship classes.

In this one month, we’ll have more and more European food, more and more cold weather, more and more of Ruben’s mustache growing and even more and more bad jokes from Ella 😉

But the closer we’re getting to France, the more we’re realizing, from the Bay of Biskay until now, how awesome this journey was. We’ve learned so much about ourselves, sailing and how different the other part of the world lives.

That it is a big privilege to be part of this six month journey and that we should appreciate our lives at home, rather than complaining about it.

PS: an Fridas und meine Familie, wir lieben euch sehr sehr dolle und freuen so unglaublich darauf euch an der key side in Bordeaux zu sehen ❤
PPS: PFC, we don’t talk about it 😉
PPPS: liebe Papi, ich wünsche dir alles Gute zum Geburi und hoffe du hesch guet schöne fiire… und no als Chili ufmunterig, mir Henne gestern 10000 Meile erreicht.. (Silja)

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