Ocean College


My routine: sleep, watch, sleep, school, freetime, sleep

Date: 7.2.2019
Author: Rene
Position: 13°45.7N 81°44.8´W 
Etmal: 7149 NM

Today, as I was woken up by Niklas at 04:00 am in the morning I was surprisingly pretty awake (if you think about the fact that it was 04:00 am).

But still, I had four hours of watch ahead and I wasn’t that motivated. At first, I took the position of the Starboard Lookout. I was sitting on the dinghi and continuously looked at the ship, that was relatively near to us. I had the job to pay attention that this ship doesn’t get too close to the Pelican.

The only bad thing about this quite chilling job is: you are the next one at the helm. „Helming“ isn’t a really bad job, but if it is 04:00 in the morning and you need to concentrate, it’s not that nice. The changing routine in our watch is like this: starboard lookout > helm (keeping the ship on course on the steering wheel) > spare person (just 30 minutes of freetime) > port lookout > logbook > starboard lookout and so on.

After three quarters of the watch, Poldi and I had breakfast as the first ones of our watch. The watch from 4 to 8 has breakfast during their watch time, which gives me a good motivational boost. Also there was pancakes for breakfast :D. 

After the last hour of our watch, I went to bed again. I had enough sleep already, but it is just an awesome feeling, being able to get to bed again after breakfast. After my short three hours of sleep, we had seamanship class. Today, we practiced a few knots, after the month in Costa Rica we forgot a few of them.

To repeat the knots we split into two teams and did a small race. We had to do a line of knots, a total of 8 knots and the last one one-handed around the wrist of the one who did that knot. The faster group wins! Niklas represented our team in a last knot final, but he had a bit of a struggle and my team lost quite close, but still it was fun.

After the seamanship class, which always takes an hour until 12:00 am, the routine continued with the happy meeting. While White B had to clean heads and showers, I read a book for half an hour. Then we had school, first two hours German, and after that two hours of our second language (Spanish or French).

Because I don’t have a second language at my school, I worked on my presentation about Tuvalu with Marlen. We were quite fast, because we finished the presentation and I spend the rest of the time reading a book for English class.

Afterwards, I had some more freetime until dinner, and then again until my watch tomorrow starts. I spend that time with having a conversation with Nick and also began to write this daily report and reading a bit before going to sleep.

How are we feeling today?

Date: 06.02.2019
Author: Kira R.
Position 15.29.8N, 81.44.5W
Etmal: 118 NM (total 7299 NM)

For today’s daily report, I asked everybody on board how they feel so that you can see how your loved ones are doing right now. I think, all in all, a lot of us are tired because I asked them in the morning (oops!) but also happy and grateful to be here on board. Motoring against the waves caused some seasickness and exhaustion after we left Panama, but most are about to get over it. 

Marlen: wunschlos happy, tired but really excited 

Kira M.: happy, annoyed because of bathroom (flooded), relaxed

Sophie: feeling in sync with the ship, happy, relaxed

Elisa: smiling, seasick, excited to cut Anousch’s hair 

Theresa: happy, not seasick, sporty (worked out in the morning)

Nele: ready to go aloft, busy like Lizzy, sleepy

Marcel: tired because of watch but loving the watch, excited for Cuba

Louiz: happy, relieved, full (satt)

Robert: tired, looking forward to Cuba, ready

Christian: not seasick, annoyed by Kira R. because she is a know-it-all, happy because almost end of watch, hungry, slow

Sinan: little bit seasick, hungry, tired

Tati: tired, excited, sick

Tabi: happy because she made pancakes for breakfast

Niki: blue (that always happens after his birthday), blessed (to do this trip with all these wonderful people) and blown-away (by the wind and all the experiences we make)

Christin: heart-broken, craving sugar, wrinkled

Miriam: clean (shower day AND laundry day), craving sugar, not seasick

Johannes: happy, not seasick, grateful

Pene: exhausted and great

Justus: tired, lucky, grateful

Poldi: thankful, motivated, exhausted

Nils: sleepy, happy, hungry

Helena: happy, she’s got a cold, happy

Fabi: tired, happy, relieved

Basti: tired, seasick, happy

Nick: well rested, thirsty, hungry

Niklas: sick (he’’s got a cold), creative mode on (thinking about what to print) ;), best life vibes

Peer: relaxed, happy, sunny

Rene: tired, motivated, seasick

Lizzy and Ronja: #motigalleym/ventor, #sticky, #ricepuddingwithcilantro

Felix: tired, strained, happy

Elly: happy, healthy (again), tired

Pete: happy, content, tired

Eugenio: bien porque estamos navigando

Abbie: happy, not tired, calm 

Anousch: HAPPY, not seasick anymore, sunburnt and afraid of Elisa cutting her hair

Lauryn: tired, hopeful, grateful

Brian: well, because all good with the engine, happy

Babs: happy, frustrated because there is no butter for breakfast today

Ben: sleepy, frustrated because of the wind but happy, bewitched

Mo: joyful, good, thankful

Kira R.: tired, thankful, excited for Cuba, not a know-it-all

P.S. von Lauryn: Alles Gute zum 18. Geburtstag Jolinchen 😛

Crew member rescued by superheroes

Date: 05.02.2019
Author: Niklas
Position: 11º 16,362’N 81º42,713’W
Etmail: 132NM

I continued the way I ended yesterday: with Galley Duty. That is because we have a new system: Galley Duty does not start early in the morning and last for the day, now it starts at eight o’clock and lasts until eight o’clock the next day. And you don’t need to go to watch the day of your duty, or if you have night watch, you don’t need to go the night in between.

This new system is quite bad for blue watch because blue watch ends at eight in the morning and galley starts at eight o’clock directly. So you start galley duty with 4 hours watch done before, which means that you fall into bed completely tired at the end of the day. But that is no problem for me because I am white watch, hehehe.

The problem today was that I didn´t wake up at the correct time to prepare breakfast this morning. But since yesterday Marlen and Nele couldn´t come to the Galley after lunch and I got their backs, they were so nice and got my back when I didn’t come to galley this morning and prepared a lovely breakfast.

After everything was done and I had breakfast, I went back to bed. At five to eleven Anousch made a wake up call for seamanship. She did so by playing the song ‘Havana’ through the tannoy, which was quite funny because we are actually on our way to Havana.

Our seamanship classes held by Pete are there to teach us the basic skills of a sailor and to do maintenance of our Pelican. This time the task was to give some love to the tender. And that was quite necessary because it has been in the water the entire time in Costa Rica and there have grown seashells, seegrass and barnacle.

We had the job to remove everything that should not be there. So I guess that today was quite a normal day and nothing really interesting was happening except for the fact that it was a very special persons birthday:

He is always in motion and has an eye for everything and an ear for everyone. He impresses me everyday again with the way he manages everything and how all the things he plans perfectly fit together. Also, he is a master in improvisation when plans need to be changed quickly and new plans have to be made.

He tries to be always fair, although that can be a big challenge sometimes, and he makes sure that everybody is fine. And when the ship is resting on the dock side, he is one of the first ones up, doing yoga alone or with some of us students.

That is probably the reason why he is so patient. Not only he teaches good, he also learns fast. He is one of the students from Fabian, Helena and Theresa, who teach how to play the guitar. And yes, I am talking about our project leader Niki. Happy birthday to you! 

So the day went on with our daily meeting at one o´clock. Shortly after the meeting, the sound of the alarm filled the ship for a fire exercise. Like always, everybody mustered on the poop deck and lots of people with big yellow life vests were standing in line to make sure that no one is missing and waited for instructions.

Eugenio turned out to be missing. So Christian and I volunteered to help down below to save him. He pretended to be unconscious in cabin 10. We needed to put him on a stretcher and carry him up the stairs out. That was very hard, but we saved him like heroes.

The exercise ended and our physics lesson started, where we learned about systems that reduce the force needed to lift something. After two hours of physics, one hour of individual studying and one hour of German, the school day came to an end. For dinner we got spaghetti with chicken, paprika and a sweet sour sauce. 

It was time for me to work on my daily report and to make that nicer, I took my Musik box up on deck, listened to some music, watched the beautiful stars and worked on my report – well that was the plan…

Sebastian joined me, then Peer, Helena and Fabian as well and finally Justus and Nick also checked out, what was going on. And my plan of writing the report ended in a deck party with loads of fun and good vibrations. I guess the report had to wait.

So now you know why you don´t get the reports the day we write them 🙂