Ocean College


Socken auf dem Boden

Pancakes & election

Date: 31.03.19
Author: Lauryn
Position: North Atlantic
Nautical Position: 38° 24.8 N; 29° 54.4 W
Etmal: 11625 nm

My day started with a wake up call that there are pancakes for breakfast. So I hurried up to get ready and was earlier in the mess than on the other days.

After a delicious pancake with fruits, I realised that today is Sunday. I went back to bed and hoped for some more sleep, because the last nights weren’t easy for us to sleep because of the heeling, which was caused by the strong winds.

At 10:45 I got another wake up call for the weekly deep clean. Normally White Watch had to do the deck but because of the weather we should help the others with heads and showers.

I did the floor of the green mile and started to clean our room. A few minutes later Ronja came into our room and wanted to help me. We found a lot of socks as every time when we clean our room.

In my watch after lunch I was the first one on the helm. It was very hard to steer because of the wind, which was coming from the front. At 14:00 Anousch allowed us to go to the navigational class about the stability of tall ships. It was interesting to see why all the ships like Concordia capsized and sank. Then we just had one hour of watch left, which went by very fast.

Afterwards, we had a meeting for the election of the handover teams to decide which team will bring us into Boulogne. All of us prepared a presentation in each team and tried to convince the others to vote for them. Captain Sophie wrote a wonderful poem for us and we all presented it together.

This was our presentation:

Our trip started five and half months ago
and the weather was always good, because the wind did blow.
The time here on board has past so incredible fast.
So when we take a look back to the beginning,
no one thought that we would spend evenings together with singing.

Our time here on board was amazing ever since,
Also because we got to see so many dolphins.
During those months we’ve learned a lot,
also when it was outside incredible hot.

But now the time for the handover has come
and that’s pretty sad, because that means that our voyage is nearly done.

But still we have to more weeks to go
and for all we’ve learned Boulogne is a good place for us to show.
We have learned much more than just sailing,
for example to help each other out if someone is failing.

I mean if you take a close look at our group
you will realize that we are a mixed soup.
Remember that big discussion we’ve had
and now Kira and Robert are standing here without being mad.

You all know that we’re not one big group full of best friends
but that just remarks that we will give everybody our hands.

It tells you that we won’t do our own thing,
because we want that last part to be for everybody amazing.
We will have Theresa and Lauryn in the Galley preparing our food
and that’s very good for all of us because it will raise up our mood.

What the food is gonna be we didn’t yet discuss
but if you have a certain wish you can go ahead and tell us.

Even though we’re so different, in common we all have one thing
and that’s as you can see our little yellow ring.

Yellow stands for special as we all know,
we learned that in the buoyage system which was taught by Mo.
For our group, being a special does mean
that we all have developed extremely well as you have seen.

Felix came on board as a boy who was shy
but now he is a funny and pretty cool guy.
There’s another thing we want you to show
that’s how many women we have because we don’t go with the flow.

We think that all groups are on the same level when it comes to knowledge because no one of us has succeeded the sailing college.
In the end we hope that we gave you a good report
even though our preparation time was very short.

There’s one more thing which we like to add
and that’s no matter how the decision is going to end, we all love you, that has to be said.

The rest of my freetime

In the rest of my freetime, I spend my time with listening to music and had some good talks with my room mates.

For Dinner we had pulled pork, corn and Brezeln and for dessert the nice galley duty prepared cinnamon rolls. That was so good! Before I went to bed, I was sitting in the mess with Elisa, Nele, Theresa with a guitar and we sang a few songs.

This is so lovely every time. All these things I will miss, when we are back home, because this is also for me the last daily report of the journey.

Have a good sleep at home without heeling.
We`ll see you in 13 days.

Schüler an Deck

Last day at school…

Date: 30.03.19
Author: Fabian
Position: North Atlantic
Nautical Position: 38°04,1‘ N 031°55,7‘W
Etmal: 11488 nm

What comes to your mind when you remember a typical last day at school before vacations start? Maybe there is a church service, you get your certificate or you tidy up your class room. 

But this last day of school today was so special for me and actually it will be the most special I’ve ever had! Well, I was in afternoon school so school started at 14:00 for me.

At first we had a geography lesson where we finished our games that we have created. With Tati I continued with our one and only ‘Monop-OC’.

It’s based on the normal ‘Monopoly’ but for example instead of money we’re using different experiences from every place we visited. I think our result is really cool and also the games from the other groups are really creative.

I definitely want to play all these games until our arrival in Boulogne for example our own version of memory and activity. It’s really cool to have something like this and that we can say we created these games by ourselves. 

After setting some sails in a short break there was the last lesson for us on the Pelican. But what’s that? Our teachers were dressed up and didn’t behave as usual.

Christin was very strict and always told us when we did something wrong. Niki was really bad-tempered and Johannes came in with a big belly. In the end, acting like a very confused chemistry teacher, Miriam showed us a short video about squids.

But suddenly the video froze and we saw a recording of our teachers sitting in the saloon, looking and behaving like we got to know them. There, they had their teachers ‘meeting and talked about our grades. But it wasn’t like a normal conference.

They used a dice to find out the grades for each student. Unfortunately, Niki realised that the camera was already running. This is why they quickly changed the topic and talked about their favourite moments on this voyage.

Then the video was over. The whole afternoon school gave a big round of applause to all the teachers.

Elisa began to say some words in the name of all students. A few had tears in their eyes and after Niki lost his voice almost everyone started to cry. It was so emotional.

I cannot imagine how this will be in two weeks time when we all have to leave the Pelican in Boulogne. We had a lot of funny moments together during school – moments I’ll never forget.

Thank you Miriam, Christin, Johannes and Niki for being so creative and spontaneous. I think we all will miss the school on board when we’re back home.

Now I talked a lot about the emotional last day at school, but plenty of other things happened as well.

Until 13:00 we almost had no wind. Then, from one second to the other, we had about 30 knots. If you hear that, it sounds good but if I say that the wind came right from the front that’s different.

For a few moments we sailed into the completely wrong direction, away from the Azores. Because of this we are having a strong heeling again and many things are flying around. Now we are sailing a bit more north and not straight to the Azores to avoid the wind. At midnight, we’re going to tack to sail directly to the Azores.

I want to come to an end now because I’m a bit seasick but just before I go to bed I have to tell you another highlight of the day. The pear crumble for dessert was really delicious and the custard was very special because we never had it before.

Dear mum, dad, Nils and Hanna, 
greetings from the North Atlantic. I’m really looking forward to see you in two weeks in Boulogne.

P.S.: von Poldi: Liebe Flora, Alles, Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag. Hab dich lieb und bis bald. LG Leo

P.P.S.: Liebe Moma, Lieber Opa, ich wollte euch mal mitteilen, wie sehr ich mich darüber freue, dass ihr mitkommt, um mich abzuholen! Ich glaube inzwischen weiß es fast das ganze Schiff 🙂 Ich kann es kaum erwarten euch in zwei Wochen am Pier in Boulogne stehen zu sehen. Ich hoffe ihr seid gut auf eine tränenreiche Ankunft vorbereitet. Ganz, ganz liebe Grüße, euer Lenchen 🙂

Peer auf dem Mest

Important news for the handover

Date: 29.03.2019
Author: Peer
Position: North Atlantic
Nautical Position: 37° 03,8‘N 034° 09,0‘W
Etmal: 11333 nm

My day began as usual, only with one hour of sleep less. Last night the clock was set forward and everyone besides the red watch lost an hour of sleep.

Tired as always, I turned on my light, put on my clothes and made my way up to breakfast, only to realise that it was quarter to 7 and therefore quite early.

Anyway, breakfast was already set up and I had my morning portion of oats with milk, a few cornflakes and a drop of honey.

Luckily, it was my turn to be engineer, and as I learned from the Bosun they don’t start until after the permanent crew meeting at eight, which means I can jump straight back into bed and enjoy the rest of the warmth underneath my blanket. 

An hour later, I was woken up by Tabi who I had asked to wake me. A second time I got ready to put on my dirty stuff (the Engine room is quite dirty) and started to search for the engineer Brian, who – I’m not surprised at all – was outside drinking tea.

One thing you learn during the mentor programme while following the Bosun and engineer, they always have time for a good cup of tea, and Pete mentioned, ‘If you don’t have time for tea, you gotta make time for tea’.

So I got myself a tea and we sat together and talked about the tasks for today. First on the list was the 500 mile maintenance of Gen 2 (Generator 2). We washed our cups, although Pete still moans about washing cups, and made our way to the engine room or kaboom room, how it’s also called.

With ear protection against the noise of the engine that’s roaring all day long we began unscrewing the cover of the Gen. After 500 miles the oil and the oil filter needs to be changed and I knew my hands were not going to stay clean.

We pumped the nine litres of oil out of the oil tank and stored it in the waste container. We unscrewed the oil filter, cleaned off the salt around it and attached a new filter and refilled the oil. While working on the Gen 2 we also checked the water pump. This hot room really makes you sweat and that called for another tea break. 

15 minutes later after a good cup of tea and some good banter with Pete, Elie, Christian and Brian, we went back down to finish of the morning work with the daily checks and the 12:00 check for the amount of fuel we still got.

The engine is hot, the fuel burned summed up to 700 Litres and the amount left is 7901 Litres, still plenty to get to the Azores. These important informations are brought to the bridge for the captain, and with that our midday break began.

We had lunch, and I was about to go up to the bridge for the one o’clock meeting when Tati and Sophie came around the corner and told me that Louiz and I were up with the boat races today and that we had to dress to the topic ‘heads and showers’. Luckily, they already came up with an idea.

Ten minutes later I was dressed like a toilet brush, Louiz with mop and cleaner and our poop ship with brown sails and empty toilet roles. The other teams also dressed fancy but of course we had the best outfit.

Today is a very important boat race because of the extra rule set by the last winner. This rule required that the loosing team, including the permanent crew, had to clean the heads and showers. The atmosphere was hot, no one wanted to be last and clean the toilets.

In the end we, of course, the red watch won the race and the permanent crew cheated. Therefore, the permanent crew has to clean the heads and showers and everyone was very happy about that.

As always we had our crew meeting afterwards, but today was special. Ben and Niki announced the positions that we’ll have during the handover.

Basically, the handover is about the 10 days between the Azores and Boulogne, when we, the students and mentors will be in charge of the vessel. This 10 day leg will be split up into three parts with one team each.

Each team will have a Captain, a Chief Officer, a 2nd Officer……., such that each team has ten people. This means that during the handover everyone has a position for about three days. Previously, we split up into watches with the people that we want to have a watch with.

Plus, we wrote applications for our first and second wishes as to what position we’d like to have. So this meeting was very exciting for us. After everyone received their position, we had a bit of time to find our teams, although in the end it took the rest of the day to sort out our teams.

This took so long because we also had to work out who was in which watch because if all of white watch for example is in one team then during the handover of that team there isn’t actually anyone in the watch to do watchkeeping.

Therefore, it was a challenge for all of us as a group to create these teams with wishes, watches and positions (hours of long hard work and lot of thinking passed by). In the end we arranged these teams: 

Order: Captain, Chief Officer, 2nd Officer, 3rd Officer, Engineer, Cook, Doctor, Bosun, Bosun’s Mate, Bosun’s Mate:
Group Sophie: Sophie, Robi, Penelope, Kira M., Kira R., Theresa, Marcel, Ronja, Felix, Lauryn
Group Nils: Nils, Poldi, Lizzy, Elisa, Rene, Tabi, Basti, Tati, Fabi, Sinan
Group Christian: Christian, Peer, Nick, Niklas, Louiz, Marlen, Helena, Nele, Justus, Elly

The rest of the afternoon I spent with Brian in the engine room cleaning up the mess that we created during the day and went through the engineering section of the little pelican crew training booklet that we got.

Of course, the tea breaks in between were very important as well. Sometime around five I was done with my job for today and rested until dinner time. 

After dinner we had another student meeting and then finally started our nightly shanty night, where we sing shanties all together. By nine we were done and I enjoyed the evening with my friends before going to bed knowing that I won’t have to get up for night watch. 

15 days to go, the countdown is on!
Good night from the Pelican,