Ocean College

Uno an Deck

A day with UNO and rockets

Datum: 01.03.2019
Author: Sinan
Position: Key West, USA
Nautische Position: 24° 32.591 N; 81° 49.246 W
Etmal: (total) 8403 nm

Today was a pretty chilled day that started with two hours of history. We talked a lot about discrimination and created our own constitution. In the next two lessons we had mathematics.

We revised everything that we have learned in the last lesson and practised sinus, cosinus and tangens. The other half of the students that had no school in the morning were busy with ships maintenance.

They were sanding the capping rail, all the pin rails plus the pins and painted them with D1 several times. The lunch we had was one of the best we had in a long time, we enjoyed a fruit salat with apples, bananas, pineapples, grapefruits and warm caramelised oats on top.

After lunch we had spare time until 14:00, Robert, Louiz, Marcel, Christian and I played UNO. In the last week we played a lot of UNO, which we only did because we have unique rules that add much more fun to the game.

Therefore, the game is not only about winning, instead its about the funny situations during the game, which can also drive you nuts. For example, in one of our games today Marcel had to draw 26 cards, which didn’t make him that happy. Also these 26 cards were our record using only +2 and +4 cards.

Let me explain the rules, then you might see why we have so much fun with UNO and try it yourself:

  • If somebody puts down a red 8 and you also have a red 8 on your hand, you can throw it in at any time. This rule is handy because everybody has to concentrate on the game at all times.
  • If it is your turn and you can’t play a card, you have to draw cards until you can put something down. With this rule the people that are close to winning can be the ones with the most cards in the game after one turn.

After playing a little bit we all went to the meeting at 13:15. In the meeting our captain told us the batteries that we need for our ships engine were still on main land. So we have to wait at least another day to leave the Key Islands and head for Bermuda.

Waiting another day is not a problem for us students because it means no watches, sun and eventually a barbecue at night. After the meeting we had spare time until 14:00 which we used for some more games of UNO.

At 14:00 the other half of the students had school and we, the morning class, had to finish their work on the rails which took us at least three more hours of sanding and painting. For dinner we had chicken, potatoes, broccoli and a lemon thyme sauce, which was very delicious.

After dinner we had a Space Night because a rocket launch was scheduled at 02:49. We are relatively close to Kennedy Space Airport in Florida so we might actually see the launch from the Pelican. The Space Night began with our teachers dressed as astronauts landing on the well deck.

They started a quiz all around space. Each teacher stood in different corners of the well deck and read one possible answer out loud. We had to go to the teacher, which we believed had the correct answer, just like in the German TV show “1, 2 oder 3”.

In the middle of the game I left due to stomach aches. That’s why I got help from the other students to finish this report and write what happened after I was gone. Apparently there were sweets for everyone as an award after the quiz and a movie night where they watched the movies Paul and Gravity.

Also, they were allowed to sleep outside on the welldeck. As I said previously, there was a rocket launch at 02:49, a Space X Shuttle took off to the ISS. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see that much of the rocket, only a small red point moving over the sky because it was really far away. But: hey! We saw it!!!

You can also test your knowledge with some questions of the Space Night Quiz:

1.Who wrote the song “Life on Mars”?

A) Major Tom
B) David Bowie
C) Elton John
D) 30 Seconds to Mars

2.How many Mars bars does a normal teenager have to eat in order to cover the daily calorie consumption?

A) 5 – 6
B) 7 – 8
C) 9 – 10
D) 11 – 12

3.To jump in a free fall from an altitude of 36 km, you do not only have to do extreme sports, you also need to be a …

A) Daumendrucker
B) Zoowarter
C) Blumenpflucker
D) Baumgartner

4.Why do satellites use solar sails?

A) For locomotion, the pressure of the light pushes the sail away
B) For heat protection as the sail creates shade
C) Energy production with solar cells
D) For locomotion when the sails are flapping like the wings of a bird

5.Which American astronaut did our Captain Chris meet and where?

A) Buzz Aldrin having breakfast in an American Diner
B) Neil Amstrong washing his car at a gas station
C) Michael Collins visiting a Broadway musical
D) Buzz Lightyear sailing on the Endeavour

Good night, Sinan