Ocean College


Discovering Bermuda

Date: 15.03.2019
Author: Justus
Position: St. Georges and Hamilton, Bermuda
Nautical Position: 32°17.3N 64°47.2W
Etmal: 9532 nm

My morning started with a lovely sunrise at quarter past six, which I would’ve missed if I wouldn’t have been on galley duty today. While Elisa and Niki were already doing yoga on the pier, the first wave of sleepy students showed up in the mess room.

As soon as breakfast was over we did a quick deep clean. Afterwards, everybody gathered in a big circle on the pier so Niki could tell us about the plans for the day. Our first stop was the World Heritage Centre, due to St.Georges being a UNESCO World Heritage sight. After getting a short introduction into the history of St. Georges, we started our city tour.

The town, with its pretty looking pastel shaded houses and traditional white roofs, is very small so it only took us about 30 min until we reached the end of the tour. The next stop was an old unfinished cathedral. About that time of the day the sun started to come out. Because we saw the unfinished cathedral we also had to visit the finished one. St. Peter’s Church was actually finished for the first time in the 15th century and has been extended since then and is still in use.

At twelve o’clock we returned to the Pelican to have lunch and a refreshing swim in the freezing cold water of Bermuda before we left the harbour and sailed over to Hamilton. Again we had a great view of the coast side with all its little colorful houses. After three hours we arrived in Hamilton with all hands on deck dressed up with Pelican gear shouting our PELI ! CAN ! call and waving to everyone passing by.

Being alongside we already had some visitors coming aboard from the beautiful Royal Bermudian Yacht Club that was so kind giving us a birth on their pier. After dinner the already so well known search for WiFi, supermarkets and ice cream began as we were allowed to spend the rest of the evening ashore. Amazed by all the fancy restaurants, bars and jeweller’s shop stretching along the seaside, but at the same time shocked by the unbelievable high prices (400g of nuts for 25$) we returned to the ship at 10pm and spend some time on the bikini deck listening to music.

Somehow Basti and I thought it would be a good idea to start our new 500 pieces puzzle at 11pm. But it wasn’t. 5 hours later, at 4 o’clock in the night, we gave up and went to sleep.

P.S.: Liebe Familie, mit meinem letzten Tagesbericht rückt das Ende dieser unglaublichen Reise immer näher. Ich habe die letzten fünf Monate bestens genossen und genauso werde ich den letzten genießen. Ich freue mich euch darauf, euch alle bald wieder zusehen. Liebe Grüße, Justus