Ocean College

Schülerinnen in Bermuda

Hallelujah, it’s raining Wifi

Date: 17.03.19
Author: Tabi
Position: Bermuda 
Nautical Position: 32°17,51 N, 64°47,07 W
Etmal: 9557 nm

After yesterday’s movie night got kind of late, the teachers decided to be generous and start breakfast at 8am instead of 7am. That way we could all get a lot of sleep since the movie ended at 11pm.

Blessed with a stomach full of scrambled eggs and cheese toast (and for some sausage and bacon), we entered the bus back to Saint George. 

Earlier today the teachers let us choose whether we wanted to help sail the ship back or take the bus. The crew had offered to sail the Pelican back by themselves and the bus tour happened to be the more scenic route, therefore most of us chose the latter. 

So while we drove past 18th century buildings and pink beaches, about five people remained on board for the four hour trip back. Since the bus only needed 40 minutes we were given some free time when we arrived.

Tati, Lauryn and I decided to visit the local church Saint Peters and the graveyard next to it, which was very interesting since the graveyard is so old that it still has a separation between slaves and free blacks and white people. 

After we studied gravestones from the early 1800s, we went back to modern times aka to a supermarket and a café that sold frozen yoghurt.

Even though the prices in Bermuda are terribly high (everything is imported) most of us still took the chance to marvel at all the things you could buy in a supermarket and buy some sweets for the Atlantic crossing yet to come.

If you’re wondering what’s so special about a supermarket, try to imagine being stuck on a boat for three weeks and you’ll appreciate all the wonderful things you could buy (also don’t forget we were in Cuba before that and it’s not like they had a lot of options there).

We also used the time for a quick wifi stop and short calls to family and friends at home.

By lunchtime, everyone was back on board to warm up with some lentil stew because Bermuda is rather cold, especially when the sun is gone.

Lunch was followed by the usual meeting and a quick round of cleaning heads and showers for blue A.

After that, we met up with some locals to do some gig rowing. Gigs are small rowing boats that were used to tow sailing ships into the harbour before engines were invented.

After all Bermuda has a lot of dangerous reefs and shallows that you would want to avoid if you were trying not to sink. The boats were only big enough to fit three or four of us and there were only three boats so we went out in small groups.

The others enjoyed some ginger cake and banana bread, while they were waiting. Some of us even rowed out 15 miles, accompanied by experienced locals of course.

Unfortunately, it started to rain before all groups were back, which meant most of us came back completely soaked. Some even stayed in the city after the rowing, but Tati and I used the time to watch ‘Saphirblau’ (again). 

Originally, a barbecue at the docks was planned, but since it was still pouring down by dinner time we moved inside the local world heritage centre and ate in the big hall, which also housed a historical exhibition on Saint George.

The chicken and pork were prepared by the locals and I’ve been told it was spicy. At least Lauryn’s face turned red like a tomato (she still can’t eat them though).

As it was still raining we all ran back to the ship and settled in our rooms to watch a movie or listen to music. Some also figured out that there were multiple wifis close to the ship so they spent their evening there.

Once I’m done writing this daily report I’ll go to sleep early since my harbour watch starts at 5am tomorrow morning and after all it’s been quite an eventful day.

Greetings to my family!