Ocean College


Date: 12. April 2019
Author: Kira R.
Position: On the way to Brest

The six months are now over and a lot of us have changed. One thing that didn’t changes is that I’m still bad at planning, which is why my day was really stressful. 

I didn’t have breakfast because I spent my night watching the movie „10 things I hate about you“ with Elisa along the saying from the Klarheit Book: “The nights you don’t sleep are the nights you wake up.”

So I woke up at 9 am. I was about to put on my shoes when Ben did a tannoy: „Shark on Starboard side, dum dum dum“ so I quickly put on my rubber boots, still with my socks in my hands and ran outside.

The shark was not next to our ship, it was far away but we could see its fin. As I then went back into the mess, I heard Robi telling us that we caught a fishing net.

We went on the poop deck to check whether the news are true and yes, they were. We started this trip with a fishing net around our propellor and ended it with one getting stuck at the keel.

Luckily, we could continue after we cleared most of the fishing net away.

My day was stressful, but it also came with a lot of beautiful memories.

After I finished some presents for my family, Sophie, Nele, Elisa and I went aloft for the last time on our own to enjoy the view. Dolphins on Port side! Dolphins on Starboard side! Dolphins everywhere!

As the sun set, we went down and had dinner. Sitting there and seeing all the envelopes with our pictures on them it came to my mind that I forgot to write some letters. I found some paper and started writing: 

Dear Ocean College, 

When I first got to know you, I was shy but curious.

I had read about your journey and found you sympatic from the start. Over the time I got to know all your parts and I realised that you’re really cool.

The places you visit are awesome and not only the places but the people you meet or travel with. Also when you visit these countries you don’t act as a normal traveler and book a hotel, you search for the immediate experience of the people and land and all you discover is beauty.

You are impressive! But you’re not only impressive but also brave. Not everyone would be brave enough to travel on a sailing vessel as you do. As a sailor should be, you are spontanious and therefore not always on time.

More impressively, you’ve become a small celebrity because they mentioned you in the U.S. Coast Guard’s magazine and in the Bermudan daily newspaper.

You are a really astonishing person so please stay the way you are and share your route and all your beautiful facets with other young people like me. 

I will never ever in my life forget you! You changed my life!

Love, Kira R.

After my letters were done I started packing during my roommates were asleep so I had to be particularly quiet. When I went to bed I looked at my empty wall where there used to be pictures but still I did not realize that this is the end of this trip.

Tomorrow we will leave our friends and family to come back to our friends and family. How ironic.

Thank you Ocean College for everything!! It was the trip of a lifetime.