Ocean College

Experience ABC

Author: Mara
Date: 4 December 2019
Position: somewhere one the Atlantic
Geographical Position: 13°51.0N 47°37.3W
Etmal: 135 nm
Days without Toilet blockage: 21

Advent: Most of us are very exited to celebrate Christmas on board, even if it’s not cold and there is no snow. It’s just about spending time together.

Bazaar in Marocco: Taking part in the market life by haggling was really interesting and fun.

Camel riding: Feels similar to a moving ship but this time no one got sea-/camelsick.

Dolphin spotting: During the first two weeks dolphins visited us nearly every day.

Encouragement: I experience this every day, especially during the watch.

Fun: No matter how tired you are, there are always fun activities to join.

Great time: We had a really great time on the beaches playing in the waves.

Half of the Atlantic crossing: We’ve been at sea for about ten days now and celebrated reaching this with a midatlantic party/ball.

Isla Santo Antao: I enjoyed watching the cute little baby turtles hatching and making their way into the sea.

Jippie!: We found some amazing shells at the beaches.

Klarheit: The best way to remember all of these cool experiences is to write them down. So why not use our ,,Klarheitcalender’’ for that.

Life Drills: Knowing and learning all about safety gives you confidence in case of an emergency situation.

Monkey: After you’ve got our Pelican Monkey certification, you’re officially allowed to climb by yourself.

New Friends/Family: After six weeks at sea we’re all really close and taking care of each other.

Ocean Sience Centre Mindelo: I found it very interesting when we visited the Sience Centre and were taught about the work of an ocean sienctist

Pelican: When I was walking down the quay to the Pelican on my first day, being a bit nervous and very exited.

Quiz: We are not supposed to leave our stuff laying around on deck. If we do so, it gets confiscated and on Sunday you have to answer a difficult question to get it back.

Responsibility: Daily life on a ship requires everyone to take responsibility for their stuff and the jobs that were given to them.

Seasickness: Being seasick is one of the most team building experiences.

Teamwork: Teamwork is absolutely necessary, especially during sail handling.

Unexpected Situations: Living on a ship means making plans and having to deal with the fact that they get messed up.

Very large fish caught: A few days ago we caught a beautiful fish called Mahi-Mahi.

Watching the sunrise on top of the Teide together: For me that was one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences of all.

Yard: Another part to get the Pelican Monkey certification is reaching the end of the yard of the T’Gallant.

Zooplankton: During biology lesson we microscoped the different types of plankton we caught in the sea.