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Date: 04. October 2021
Authors: Jele und Luise
Position: At Sea somewhere near the Netherlands
Geographical Position: 53°29.1N , 006°50.0E
Etmal: 15 NM (total distance: 227NM)

I‘m Sören, the lost sock from cabin 6!

My day started in the laundry room after I had attacked Simon. Now you ask yourself: How can a sock attack someone?

Simon said everyone should clean their cabins, but my owner forgot me so I was laying on the floor. It was very boring there so I thought it was my time to escape and see the world.

When Simon suddenly opened the door I took my chance, attacked him and crawled away.

(that’s how we in the Berlin office imagine Sören…)

I ended up in the laundry room. After I heard that we are going to sail on today I was very excited but first I wanted to explore the ship. I climbed out of the laundry basket and crawled down the green mile (Der Flur unter Deck, an den die Kabinen angrenzen. First I got to cabin 9 where I heard some kids saying that we are going to set some sails while sailing for the first time. How exciting! At cabin 7 I heard someone saying that they are afraid of being seasick again. “What is seasick?“, I thought.

I just stopped thinking about it and kept on exploring the ship. After a while everything around me started to move. I felt like being on an rollercoaster. I got scared so I started to climb up the stairs to look where it came from.

After I climbed up the stairs I came into a room named: mess room. I think it is the room where the people eat and spend their freetime.

But I could not be in this room for too long because my stomach started to make backflips. I decided to go outside because I hadn‘t seen the sun in a long time and I thought it would help my stomach.

The first thing I saw when I got through the doors out on the deck were a few kids who were dancing to loud music. “How crazy are those?!“, I asked myself “How are they not feeling as terrible as I do?“ But I just let them have their fun I guess.

When I looked at the sea I saw ridiculously big waves. Now I know why everything moves around! Is that the thing that the kids where calling „being seasick“?

Even if the sun is shining and the sky is blue I decided to crawl back to my cabin to lay down in a bed. I hope that while I take a powernap to get some rest the ship stops moving around that much.

Now I hope that I am not going to get seasick again too!

Maybe you‘ll hear from me again in the future!
Your Sören!!! <3



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