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Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys

Date: 28.10.2021
Autoren: Max and Lorenz
Position: On the way to the Canary Islands
Geographic Position: 34°03’8N, 009°52’7W
Etmal: 168 NM (total: 2026 NM)

„Today I will make my Monkey.“ Exactly this was our first thought going through our head, when we got woken up for the breakfast. Such a crazy thought when you know what you have to do for it. And this is what we will explain to you in this daily report.

Schüler vor dem Klettern

So the monkey is nothing you can get easily. At first you have to know that you are only allowed to do the monkey, if you were at least one month on the tall ship Pelican of London. The monkey is a climbing certificate you have to work for, because you have to climb up the main mast of the huge Pelican of London. And the main mast isn’t just a small tiny mast what you might think. The main mast of the Pelican is 30 METRES high, what is very very high, and it feels even higher, if you are on top of it. And you also have to climb on the outside of the T’GALLANT. What is the T’Gallant?

Die Segel der Pelican

So the T’Gallant is a yard. A yard is a long big thing on the main mast that goes from the left to the right, where the sails are attached to. The T’Gallant is ONE of the four yards/sails. The lowest yard is called the course, the yard a few metres above it is called the topsail and over this one there is the yard, where you have to climb to the outside of it (T’Gallant).There is one yard that is really just a little bit higher, which is called the royal. So now we hope that you know a little better what it means to do the monkey certificate. For us it was one of the highlights to make the monkey. There is no way to describe our feelings, when we looked over the 30 metre high main mast at the endless awesome sea. You feel sooooo free and soooo happy that …… As we said, we can’t describe our feelings. And then, when you are finally down again, you are a real monkey, which means you are allowed to climb to the main mast where and whenever you want to. And to the bow sprit too. The only thing you have to do is telling it to the bridge . This is what Lukas and me (Lorenz) forgot to do one time. The consequence is a few days no climbing. A stupid mistake and I’m sure we will never do this again. So that’s all about the monkey.

There was another special thing at the same day. Michi, our teacher, made a science project with us. At first we deployed a deep water scientific accesoire from the poop deck , the deck at the back. We took measurements at thirty metres depth. After this we had to haul the whole device back on deck, which took us a lot of effort. This took six people all of them where quite tired . Michi makes this experiment often with us so we have many datas from many places of the sea.

Wir grüssen unsere Familien (: Uns geht es hier sehr sehr gut und wir verhungern schon nicht 😉

Max, Lorenz

Die beste Watch der Pelican

Datum: 27.10.2021
Autor*innen: Ariadni, Connor, Yarina
Position: Vor der Küste Marokkos
Nautische Position: 35°35.2N , 9°53.4W
Etmal: 107 NM (Insgesamt: 1858 NM)

Fore Watch A ist DIE aussergewöhnlichste Watch auf der Pelican of London. Seit vier Tagen haben wir Wache von 00:00 bis 04:00 und erledigen nicht nur zuverlässig unsere Aufgaben, sondern sind dabei auch kreativ. Fore Watch A ist die einzige Watch mit einem eigenen Song, den wir während unserer interessanten, lustigen und aufregenden Watch zusammen komponiert haben. Zusätzlich haben wir die uninteressante aber pünktliche Main Watch A mit unserem Gesang inspiriert und abgelöst. Schlussendlich war Matt, der Second Mate, kurz vor den Tränen, als wir mit unserer Darbietung die Wache beendeten und die Wachablösung stattfand.

Der Morgen begann mit Connors Nutella, ein persönlicher Erfolg für Ariadni, die Connors Nutella wie eine Elster stibitzt hatte. Ariadni war jedoch zur Vernunft gekommen und brachte am frühen Morgen die Nutella an das Bett von dem königlichen hochangesehenen Connor zurück, der gerade im Reich der Träume schlummerte.

Ariadni: „Connor, hier ist deine Nutella!“
Connor: „Nimm‘ dir ruhig was.“
Ariadni: „Hab‘ ich schon, danke.“

Nach unserer Mathestunde, bei der Connor seine Beteiligung nur teilweise zu schätzen vermochte, da er zu stark mit seinem Physikbuch beschäftigt war, lernten wir etwas über die hochangesehene und wichtige „Dead Horse“ Zeremonie. Bei dieser wird ein selbstgebasteltes tot aussehendes und edles Pferd vom Course geworfen, um den Beginn der Bezahlung der Seemänner*innen zu symbolisieren. Luise, unsere Jüngste an Bord, wird die große Ehre bekommen, diese einmaligen Pferde ins Wasser zu werfen.

Anschliessend genoss Connor, der seinen Monkey schon erfolgreich bestanden hatte, mit der hochangesehenen Luise den atemberaubenden und einzigartigen Sonnenuntergang auf dem Course Yard.
Währendessen ermöglichte Dr. Ffy Ariadni und anderen Trainees eine tolle und entspannte Sunset Yoga Session. Ariadni genoss den Schmerz und war es warm ums Herz, als sie den Sonnenuntergang erblickte.

Den Tag liessen wir mit einer Kuschelparty auf dem Poop Deck ausklingen. Mit Kuscheldecken bewaffnet genossen wir zu neunt die tolle von Ariadni beigesteurte Musik und schöne Atmosphäre, die das Gefühl von Nostalgie in uns auslöste

Somit endete ein wunderschöner Tag auf der Pelican of London.

A Song By Fore Watch A:

Connor, Ariadni, Leon, Till, Jule und Luca

I love the clouds and I love the sea
I feel the water dropping over me
The sun is shining on my skin
I see the dolphins just jumping in

And we love sailing
being on the yards and spinning yarns
playing cards and having fun

But then the waves came
feeling dizzy and throwing up
A storm was coming and the wind was rough
There wasnt much to say
we still wanted to stay

Because we love sailing

song video coming soon…

We interview our new captain

Date: 26th of October 2021
Authors: Mathilde and Lilli
Position: Between Lisbon and the Canary islands
Geographical position: 38° 38.2 N 009° 24.9 W
Etmal: 20 NM (in total: 1751 NM)

Today we interviewed our new captain, Chris Phillips, who joined us in Lisbon last Sunday, the 24th of october, because aside from leaving port to head toward the canary islands, nothing worth writing a regular daily report about happened.
Chris was born in England, but now lives in Seil in Scottland. We had a very good talk with him.

  1. How long have you been sailing?
    All my life. My parents met in a sailing club and the first recorded time of me being on a ship was when I was a baby.
  2. When was your first time on a tall ship and on which ship?
    When I was twenty, I paid to go aboard the Malcom Miller as a trainee. I actually went back there several times afterwards.
  3. When did you first sail on the Pelican?
    Last year in November.
  4. What is the reason you came back this year?
    Because I enjoyed it.
  5. What is your favourite place on the ship?
    My bunker for sleeping or anywhere on deck in the sunshine.
  6. From 1-10 how comfortable is your bunk?
    8,5 because it could be a little longer.
  7. What is your favourite sail and why?
    The main topsail because it’s the one that always keeps the ship going.
  8. What was the most beautiful place you have sailed to?
    The Antarctic or the fiji islands.
  9. What was your favourite trip on a tall ship?
    The one to the Antarctic or around Cape Horn.
  10. Who from our current crew have you known the longest and where did you first meet?
    This might surprise you, because he’s one of our youngest crew members, but I first met Matt (our second officer) in 2016 on a trip on the Pacific.
  11. Can you name us one surprising fact about the Pelican?
    There are many- for one, she can brace sharper than any other tall ship in existence, so theoretically we could sail very close to the wind.
  12. Do you love being a captain?
    Yes, otherwise I woudn’t do it.

We thank Captain Chris for his time and are excited to do the atlantic crossing.



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