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A beach day in Tenerife

Date: 6th November 2021
Author: Jule
Position: Santa Cruz, Tenerife
Geographical Position: 28°27.1‘N, 016°11.7‘W
Etmal: 0 NM (total: 2558 NM)

Today I woke up at 08:00 because there was a ships company meeting at 08:30. The plan of the day was to go to the beach or stay in the city of Santa Cruz. There were three groups who wanted to go to the beach and one group who wanted to stay in the city. But the day didn’t go as everybody had expected:

Max: In the morning I didn’t like the day because we had three hours less of our shore leave. I thought we can have a free shore leave in the city but we had to store all the new food, wich was very exhausting. When we were finished the rest of the day was good. We went to the city, did some shopping and had a relaxed shore leave.

Julian: My day started at 07:00 when I was woken up, because the bus drove at 08:05. After tow hours of driving with the Bus we arrived at the Black Beach. The weather was okay, but the water was warm. Sadly the current was very strong, so it was very hard to swim there. At 14:15 we went back to the bus station but we were to late and we had to wait until the next bus came. After one hour of waiting and 1 1/2 hours of bus driving we finally arrived at the Pelican. Then I went to the big supermarket and bought chips for everyone for the Film Kon Tiki.

My own day was very crazy too. First we had to run to the bus station because we were late. Luckily the bus was late too so we could catch it. As we arrived at the second bus station, we thought we have to wait about 10 minutes but as we checked the times we noticed that the next bus will pick us up in about 1/2 hours. We prepared a picknick next to the bus station and a few people went to get some food in the next store. After one hour Paula had the glorious idea to climb a tree. Bennett and Maxim helped her to get up. When she came down, her trousers was very dirty. Knut and Maxim wanted to climb up too.

Knut wants to share his experience with us:

“It was high and nice but we were a bit scared that the bus would come while we were up there. Also jumping down was funny.“

Then the bus finally came. After 1/2 hours we arrived at the black beach. As Julian said, the water was warm but there was a strong current. We went swimming, some people played football and some people tried to do some body surfing. After three hours we had to leave to catch the bus. On the way we bought some food and when we arrived at the bus, we met the first group who didn’t catch their bus.

Back in Santa Cruz, we had 2-3 more hours shore leave left. We got some food and did some shopping. On the way back we stopped at a fitness spot at did some sports.

In the evening we watched the movie Kon Tiki, which was very brutal, but interesting too.



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