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Volcano night with Sören

Date: 10th of November 2021
Author: Jele, Luise
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Geographical Position: 28°39.6‘N, 018°12.1‘ W
Etmal: 59NM (Insgesamt: 2737 NM)

Hey! It‘s me again! Sören the sock. I hope you missed me! Today was a very special day. We left La Palma and started our first atlantic crossing. My day started in a the cupboard of cabin 6. When I woke up I got a huge shock! The Bunker looked „clean“ for the first time. Nothing was laying on the floor and everything was stored away (especially me!). Simon was happy for the first time when he saw the cabin. I jumped out of the cupboard and was a bit confused because of the silence on the ship. When I got out on the welldeck I saw all of the kids on the land with their phones. They were calling their parents for the last time in three weeks. After a while everyone was back on the ship and Mizzen Watch got called on deck for leaving the harbour. Somehow it‘s always Mizzen Watch that has to depart and arrive in every harbour. Poor Mizzen Watch: Knut, Till, Julian, Ann, Maxim, Marlon, Lotte, Hanna, Jele, Luise.

While everyone was busy with leaving the habour I decided to call my family for the last time too. I grabbed my phone and wanted to go back to my cabin to have some silence and suddenly I realized that I had crawled into the wrong Cabin. I stood in Cabin 9. I looked around and thought: „What a clean Cabin!“.
Suddenly I heared a noise in the corner of the room. I got a bit scared but then I said to myself: „A Sören doesn‘t get scared!“ Like a Ninja I spied around the corner and I couldn‘t believe my eyes. There was another sock sitting on the bed! And what a beautiful sock she was! Her hair was swaying in the wind of the fan and her eyes where shining in the light. A little bit nervous I introduced myself to her. She told me her lovely name: Susanne!

Schülerinnen im Spiegel

We talked over hours until we heared some people in the green mile talking about a Volcano we were driving by. Very excited we got up and on our way out we got some safety glasses so we don‘t get the volcanic ash in our eyes. When we got outside we could see the volcano of La Palma and the lava flowing down the hill. It was very impressive. We could even feel the ash that was floating through the air on our skin, so we layed down under a blanket someone forgot on the foredeck. It was a very beautiful night and we fell asleep while looking at the stars and the lava together….



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