Ocean College

The Murdergame and the Economy on the Pelican

Date: 14. November 2021
Author: Julian
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Geographic Position:23°07.8’N, 022°23.1’W
Etmal: 107NM (total: 3203NM)

We are now seven Days on the Atlantic and it starts to get boring because nothing is happening. So Simon told us that we will start playing the Murdergame soon. But what is the Murdergame? Are we gonna kill eachother?

Yes, but not how you think. Everyone will get a piece of paper where there is the name of the person you have to “kill”. Also there is the “weapon” and the place on the paper with which and where you have to kill your target.

For Example:

Your Name: Person X
The Name of the target: Person Y
The weapon you have to use: A bottle of water
The place where you have to kill the person: In the Messroom

There are several ways to get a price: For the best kill, for the biggest killstreak and for the last “living” person. Everyone is hyped now for starting the game, because the staff is also playing with us.

The Economy on the Pelican

After one week on the Atlantic, sweets, chocolate and crisps are getting rare. And the people that have some left can start selling and trade them. Especially me. I am one of the persons who is selling their stuff. The price always depends on how many people are interested in the thing and how many you got left. First I started with selling cans of 7up for just 1€ each, but after 2 hours I had 0 left. Thats how the economy works on the Pelican and in the whole world. You have to balance the price depending on what you’re selling, where you are selling it and how much it costs you to buy/produce it. And the price on the Pelican is going to get higher and higher with every day, so let’s see how high the price can get. After all, we have about two weeks left out here.



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