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How to stay entertained with the same 40 people everyday for three weeks

Date: 17th of November 2021
Author: Knut
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Geographical Position: 19°45‘ N, 25°47‘ W
Etmal: 89 NM (total: 3455NM)

While crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the daily routine can be quite repetitive. So we do some things to keep us out of the black hole of boredness.

Schüler am Steuer


We play a lot of Poker on the Pelican. It is always fun and since Ocean College sponsored a Poker Set in Lisbon, we actually have enough chips for larger rounds. The only annoying thing is that you have to go All in when you leave the desk for watch.

Schüler mit Fernglas

Only English on watch

Although this is a formal rule on the Pelican, the watchleaders offered us sweets if we can manage to not talk a word german on the bridge. If we don’t know the word, we should try to describe it, but not everybody does this and sentences like „in which Richtung are we steuering?“ are used.

Wache beim Sonnentuntergang


It‘s the game of Risk, but the spectators mostly do not like it. Neither does the crew, because sleeping is quite hard near the messroom because people can get quite emotional while playing. For real, if you are not in the game, you can even get scared.


Already explained in a different daily report, but the game has now officially started – RIP to Maria, who was the first official victim and was killed by a bottle of hand sanitizer.

These are just a few games, but we are quite good in entertaining ourselves.

I greet my parents, hope you have a good time!



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