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Scotland here we come

Date: 03.08.2022
Authors: Vincent, Max
Position: 54°47´0N 004°20´7W
Etmal: ?

Anchor Watch

Today I (Vincent) got up at half past three for anchor watch. At first it was dark, cold, and windy, but after a while the sun rose, and the weather conditions improved. I updated the logbook every fifteen minutes and checked the anchor every half an hour. Also, I caught a fish in the morning, but it wasn’t very big, so I let him back to the water.

Setting Sail to Scotland

Me (Max) got woken up at half past five, then I went to Vincent and the others, and we had a watch until eight. We lifted the anchor and drove with the motor out to the bay. After a while we couldn’t see the Isle of Man anymore and released the sails and sailed to Scotland, our third country of the journey. We also saw like thirteen dolphins and a few blue sharks. At twelve we arrived at the coast of Scotland and dropped the anchor. We all were very hungry, and our lovely chef Abby made us a good potato soup.

A visit to Garlieston Bay

After lunch we drove with our dinghy to a small village in Scotland called Garlieston Bay. In the village there were not many things to see, just a coffee shop and a flower shop. The people we met were very nice and asked us a lot of things about the ship and where we are from.

Uno and a Haircut for a good cause

When we arrived back on the Ship, we cut thirty centimeters of hair from our German friend Petra to donate it to charity to make wigs for people with cancer. Later that day, we played games like Uno with our German and English friends and then slept a lot, because we were tired from the watches.

Now we are on our way to Wales. It was a lovely day and now we are looking forward to the rest of the trip.

Kinder in Garlieston Bay


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