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A stormy day

Date: 07.09.2022
Author: Lena
Position: Scotsman’s bay
ETMAL: 688,3

seasick on a stormy day


Our day started at two a.m. because we had Anchorwatch for two hours. We slept for a short time because we were so tired during the watch.

This hours weren’t exciting because there was nothing to do except the anchorcheck every fifteen minutes.

At four we went back to bed and had a short but refreshing sleep. We lifted the anchor in the morning and started the cloudy day motivated.

My seasickness started in the morning so I laid down on the Welldeck to rest and get some sleep. After an hour I felt much better, so I tried to get up and get some food.

But every time I tried, my seasickness was coming back. Finally I went to see our ships medic, a nice and friendly lady called Sophie.

She recommended me to use a patch wich should help me against the seasickness. After two hours it began to help and I felt relieved.

Full speed without engine

Our watch started at twelve thirty after lunch. The whole time we had wind on the beam from port and we had to do bracing first before setting sails.

First we were setting the square sails which included a lot of pulling and easing. Second we settled the Staysail. In the end we were sailing with eight sails: Innerjib, Outerjib, Staysail, Foregaff, Course, Top sail, T’gallent, and the Spanker.

Since we’ve set the sails, the ship was extremely leaning to starboard which was very funny. At least we were able to turn the engine off and only move with the force off the wind. Surprisingly we were going six knots even tough the wind was coming from the beam.

The average of wind strength was about thirteen to twenty knots which equals around twenty nine to thirty eight kilometers per hour. It was a marvellous experience to be so fast without the engine.

At six p.m we arrived at Scotsman’s bay and anchored near to the shore. Sadly some of the voyage crew and Charlie the scientist had to leave us there to go back home. So we launched the RIB and they went ashore.

After that it was time for Happy Hour and we turned the music on and started the cleaning, mobbing and hoovering. When everything was clean and tidy we went to our last anchor Watch.

A few people’s highlights of the day

Date: 06.09.2022
Author: Leonard
Position: Wales
Etmal: 631

We had watch from 4 a.m. until 8 a.m. and because we were only a few people, the watch was even harder. It was really cold and the ship was going up and down really hard. We sailed trough the entire night. At 8:30 a.m. I could finally go to bed and because I slept through the rest of the day, this daily report is about a few people’s highlight of the day.


It got really windy at my Watch and I was steering the ship.
So, when the waves get really big, it felt kind of like a rollercoaster, which was really fun.


My highlight of the day was when I slept on Deck with our pillow and blanket. Which was that cozy that I actually fell asleep, since it was that relaxing feeling, the waves underneath you. When I woke up, Lena was gone and left me alone with a broken heart.


The chanting night was really interesting because there were a lot of very funny songs.


Since our watch from four to eight, I‘ve been seasick until lunch. This night I was able to sleep ten hours. In the afternoon Gloria and I slept on Deck with our pillow and blanket because the sun was shining and it was cozy.


Eating, sleeping, puking, singing shanties more sleeping and more puking.
I did not do anything today because I slept the whole day.


My daily highlight was singing sea shanties in the mess with all my shipmates. Our second mate has the best singing voice I have ever heard.


My highlight of the day was singing with everyone during the shanty night even though I didn’t know most of the songs. It was a lot of fun.

Endlich richtig Segeln

Datum: 05.09.2022
Autor: Henric
Position: Irische See
Etmal: 555

Segeln auf der Pelican of London


Der Morgen begann für mich um 04:00 Uhr in der Früh. Anker Watch war angesagt. Nach mühsamen zwei Stunden ging es dann für mich wieder in die Koje. Nicht viel später war dann Frühstück an der Reihe.

Nach dem Frühstück ging die Happy Hour auch schon los. Für uns (Fore Watch) war die Green Mile angesagt, also Besen und Mob in die Hand und das Putzen ging los, mit Musik zur Motivation.

Nach der Happy Hour wurde dann auch schon der Anker gelichtet und es ging los.

gespanntes Segel


Nach dem Mittagessen (Sandwich-Toast mit Käse und Salat dazu), was von unserem Superkoch gezaubert wurde, ging es ans Segelspannen, also ab in die Kletterausrüstung und rauf auf die Yards, Segel setzen.

In der Mittagspause habe ich mich erstmal schlafen gelegt, um ein bisschen Schlaf nachzuholen. Um 16:00 Uhr begann dann auch schon wieder die nächste Watch für die Fore Watch, also ab aufs Deck und versuchen, nicht seekrank zu werden, da ein recht starker Wellengang war.

Segel setzen

Heute war mal wieder Segeln an der Reihe, da wir die Tage zuvor keine guten Segelbedingungen hatten. Also Segel setzen und davon düsen mit vier Knoten, was bis jetzt das beste Ergebnis war, aber es geht voran.

Für mich geht es jetzt gleich in die Koje, da unsere nächste Watch von 0:00 bis 4:00 Uhr ist.

Pelican unter vollen Segeln


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