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An infectious journey to Ken…

Date: 31.01.2023
Author: Marlene
Position: On the way to the One World Farm
Ship: Regina

Sleepless nights

This morning I woke up at approximately 5am, ran to the bathroom, where Juno had already made herself comfortable in one of the bathroom stalls. I quickly ran into the other and together we started, sorry for the explicit language, a… puke orgy… it really didn’t feel too great but Juno and I were both very happy to be going through this together. We motivated one another and, since the both of us were looking forward to our stay at Ken’s so incredibly much and assured each other that we’d be done with this shit within 24 hours! When we went back to our room to get our sleeping bags, we found out that our friend Rosa had already converted to the sick much earlier in the night and had gotten settled into a cosy twin size bed with Lenya in the so called „infected room“. We spend the morning on the patio, watching the sunrise and calling our families (thank you for the encouraging words). In between our medic Barbara popped by to simply confirm that we now belonged to the “newly infected”.

A long journey with Bob Marley and us Wailers

For the Bus ride we’d ordered two busses, which were divided according to infected and non- infected. With…

  • Our luggage in the last row
  • One LARGE puke bag per row (to share)
  • Anti-puke and diarrhoea tablets
  • And our DJ Nikita in the back blasting Bob Marley

… we were ready to hit the road! The bus ride mainly consisted of good vibes and positive energies. After four hour of bus driving, three stops, two puke victims and a lot of sleeping, Ken picked us up and told the bus drivers where to go. We were dropped of by a fence, where Ken loaded the heavy peoples‘ luggage on his truck as they and our medic walked ahead. Meanwhile we waited, rested and slept at the side of the road until Ken picked us up and drove us to the house Barbara had declared „Fit for the sick“.

Quarantined at Ken’s

This was the house his parents initially wanted to move into, but ultimately decided against, due to the way Covid was handled here in Costa Rica. We all set up our sleeping gear in the rooms and, shoulder to shoulder, went for a quick nap. When we woke up Ken had brought us medicine, Lemon juice with a lot of salt and his lovely wife brought us soup and rice to our little safehouse:) On that note we wanted to take the opportunity to thank Ken for all the motivating words and taking care of us during our stay so far- He definitely insured our speedy recovery! As I ate my lunch with Emily on the patio in the poach swing, we were able to appreciate, for the first time, all the diverse plants and insects in this rainforest that Ken took care of over 20 years time. After lunch, the day was over for my Gastrointestinal- virus- buddies, Juno, Rosa and I, but the others got a really interesting briefing and insight into Ken’s very eventful, multifaceted life. Thanks to Jules, Emily and Justus, who made sure to brief me post- sickness, I can now give you readers a short insight into the life of this crazy man, whom we have the fortune to spend the next five days with:)

This is Ken…

Ken was born in Delmenhorst, close to Bremen in Germany and moved out at 18 to study Japanology, where he specified in Japanese economics. While attending an internship at a place that sells high quality musical instruments, he decided to break off his studies and dedicate himself to it full-time. Then he sold art for a while and worked as a Thai boxer (semi legal). At that time, Ken neither wanted children and found the thought of a serious relationship almost repulsing… A mindset worlds away from the reality of the life he’s built up here in Costa Rica over the last 20 years… with 32 he got married to his wife, a respected member of the Bribrí indigenous community and together they have four daughters and a son.

In order to protect the environment, Ken is currently in the process of creating a foundation out of the multifaceted, diverse Rainforest he now considers his home. However, in oder to provide more opportunities for his childrens‘ future, he’s now planning to move back to Germany with his family. Full disclosure, Ken’s a really tough guy, not a communist (as he reminded us multiple times) and ever since he moved to Costa Rica he’s become a Christian, had to deal with land and wood theft, his family got threatened and he got shot at.


Rosa: Liebe Familie, mir geht es schon viel besser. Ich habe kein Fieber mehr und muss auch nicht mehr kotzen. Macht euch keine Sorgen. Meine Freunde waren gut für mich da und haben sich auuch gut um mich gekümmert. Ich melde mich, sobald wir die Handys wieder haben. Hab‘ euch lieb! Rosa

Marlene: Liebe Mama, lieber Papa, keine Sorge, ich bin wieder völlig fit und dabei und war nach einem Tag wieder gesund! Ich wünsche euch beiden alles Gute und hab‘ euch beide lieb:)

The first month

Date: 31.01.2023
Author: Klara
Position: Caribbean Sea
Nautical Position: 11°03.9’N 081°18’SW
Etmal: 7684 NMShip: Pelican of London

Flying Time

This is my first daily report in 2023. It’s been a month now since new year. It seems to have been yesterday when the countdown started and 2023 began. It’s crazy how fast times flies like (a plane from Cuba to Hamburg Airport). All the new Year’s resolutions which were made by my shipmates and me are hopefully fulfilled, I really do wonder if anyone from the trainees has hold onto them.

Dear Diary…

My day started at 03:30, I’ve got woken up twice by Leander for my 4-8 watch because I came up with the great idea to just close my eyes for five minutes, ha ha. I really was excited about how the new watch constellation will work out. During our watch Manuel had like five min in which he didn’t throw up, but Manuel impressed me because he didn’t take the opportunity to take extra pauses. But not only Manuel felt sick, but everybody except Nicolai also felt the movement of the ship in their stomachs. As soon as the sun started to rise the motivation immediately got higher and the time didn’t feel like gum anymore. At 07:50 am the relieving watch came and I finally was able to have a quick breakfast and go to bed again. Unluckily, the sleep isn’t that enjoyable because of Ali’ s cabin rounds.


Ali, our 1. Mate, is having a look at each cabin, the bathroom and bunk, the scores on the doors (1 horrible – 10 excellent) rise with the tidiness of the cabin. Because it’s our laundry day, dirty clothes were lying around on the floor which resulted in only 3 points out of 10… whoopsy daisy…


Because I’m having a night watch, school starts after lunch in the afternoon. First, we had history with Teacher Simon also known as the Propaganda-Minister and German with Frau Britta. It was horrible, not because of the lessons but because of the seasickness and the heat in the mess-classroom. We were not used to dinner right after school, but Pelican is making it happen. Right after the dessert I took a book, which I need for my book presentation. This was basically my day, take care.

Nicolai: Liebe Grüße an alle, die mich vermissen. Ich vermisse euch auch!

Back on Board!

Datum: 30.01.2023
Autorin: Lara
Position: Karibisches Meer
Nautische Position: 09°28.2N 082°18.8W
Zurückgelegte Seemeilen: 7562 NM
Schiff: Pelican of London

Ein typischer Morgen auf der Pelican

Der heutige Tag begann mit einem ganz normalen „Pelicanfrühstück“. Selbstgemachtes Brot, verschiedenstes Müsli in allen Arten und Sorten und Honig. Nur eine Besonderheit gab es: Kester, unser neuer Koch, hatte drei volle Teller mit gebratenem Speck für uns gemacht. Dies kam besonders gut bei Pauli an.

Nach diesem leckeren Frühstück stand erstmal das Professional- Crew-Meeting um 08:00 auf dem Plan. Danach das Voyage-Crew-Meeting um 08:15 im Messroom. Das Wichtigste, was wir aus diesem Meeting raushörten, war, dass es bis nach Kuba ca. eine Woche dauert. Leider teilte unser Kapitän Ben uns mit, dass der Wetterbericht für die nächsten Tage auch nicht gut aussieht.

Also wird sich der Pelican-Motor auf dauerndes Laufen freuen (und Johan über die Dieselpreise auch ;)). Ali, unsere 1st Mate, teilte uns freundlicherweise auch noch mit, dass auf die Main-A Watch noch Heads and Showers warten.


Aber erstmal wurde das gestrige Training fortgesetzt. Wir sollten alle unsere Harnesse anziehen und uns bereit machen zum Klettern. Es ging auf der Port-Seite los auf die Course-Plattform (erste Plattform am Main-Mast) und dann auf der Starboard-Seite wieder runter.

Zum Glück hat niemand das Klettern verlernt und alle sind gesund und glücklich wieder runtergekommen. Nach diesem Kletter-Training wurden die vorausgesagten Heads and Showers geputzt und der Messroom durchgefegt.

Bereitmachen zum Losfahren

Unser Kapitän Ben ist dann mit dem Rib (Beiboot) ans Land gefahren um sich um die Clearance zu kümmern. Bevor es dann losging nach Kuba, kamen noch die Leute von der Clearance in den Saloon, um uns aus Panama „auszuchecken“. Also haben wir uns alle im Messroom versammelt und darauf gewartet, aufgerufen zu werden in den Saloon zu kommen und einen Stempel in unseren Reisepass zu bekommen.

Um 16.00 ging es dann endlich los. Aber davor hat unsere neue Ärztin erst einmal eine Runde Seekrankheitstabletten verteilt. Durch die drei Wochen an Land hat sich unser Körper die Bewegung der Wellen wieder abgewöhnt und trotz meiner eingeworfenen Tablette lag ich seekrank im Messroom. Nicht wenige haben gekotzt und schon nach einigen Stunden waren keine orangenen „Kotz-Eimer“ mehr an Deck.

Der Job eines Watchleaders

Gegen 19:40 machte ich mich dann bereit für meine 20:00-00:00 Watch. Zurzeit ist Matti unser Watchleader der Main-Watch. Er meinte kurz vor unserer Watch, dass ich diesen Job für heute übernehmen sollte. Also werde ich jetzt mal erzählen, was man als Watchleader alles machen muss. Erstmal sollte man klarstellen, dass überhaupt alle von der Watch da sind.

Wenn man dann vollzählig auf der Bridge steht, sucht man sich drei Leute aus seiner Watch aus, die die vorherige Watch von ihren Posten ablösen. Warum drei? Eine Person für den Helm (Steuer) und jeweils eine Person für den Starboard und Port-Lookout. Wenn wir Sailhandling gemacht hätten, müsste ich dies dann leiten und Befehle geben. Außerdem suche ich dann noch zwei Personen zum Putzen der Greenmile.

Besonders bewundert habe ich Kaija, die sich in ihrer Helm-Session einfach immer nach hinten umgedreht hat, einen taktischen „Zwischenkotzer“ gemacht hat und problemlos, als sei nichts gewesen, weiter gesteuert hat.

Ich hoffe die nächsten Tage werden besser vom Wetter her und wir gewöhnen uns wieder an die Wellen und das Schaukeln!!!


Lara: Ich grüße meine Eltern und Geschwister. Pozdravi a Dide, Volim te! Auch an Dino, Omma und Oppa. Ich hab‘ euch alle lieb und freu‘ mich auf euch in drei Monaten!!! An Marlene: Alles alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!! Jetzt sind wir beide 16 Du hotte. Ich hoffe, Du feierst schön <333.

Thea: Ich grüße meine Eltern. Ich hab‘ euch ganz doll lieb und freu‘ mich auf euch.

Sophie: Liebe Grüße an Oma Elisabeth, Opa Klaus, Flori und Oma Doris. Ich hab‘ euch lieb!



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