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A colourful morning

Date: 12.01.2023
Author: Vanessa
Position: San Blas Islands, Panama
Geographical position: N 9°32.97 W 78°57.16
Etmal: 6045 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

When I woke up, I thought it would be a normal morning. But it wasn’t. The most of us got woken up because of loud noises on the main deck and when we came up, it was very colourful and a couple of local people visited us. They brought their hand made souvenirs with them. For example souvenirs, decorated bags, molas and bracelets. The most of us had the problem, that they had no more dollar, because of that they weren’t able to buy something. These ones who had money bought beautiful things for their own or their family and friends at home.

Relaxing in paradise

Since we haven’t checked in, we enjoyed our morning on a lonely island. We swam there in groups, which was very exhausting because of the waves and the wind from the front. When we came there we were excited about the beautiful palm trees and the colourful water. Sadly there is much plastic trash. We also harvested a coconut and opened it then with a stone. It was very tasty! Then we enjoyed the silence of the island for a while until we swam back. The way back was luckily much easier because of the waves and wind from the back.

A different lifestyle

After our lunch we had different opinions for our afternoon program. We could choose between visiting the village and go sailing with the local sailing boats, playing volley ball or soccer. The once who had choosen to go sailing with the locals, first visited the whole town and got an introduction about their live. Then the guide showed us his home and then we started sailing with their handmade boats. The sailing boats are looking like canoe with a mast and the sail is looking like it’s a bed sheet. After a very funny drive with these boats we had a bit time to have a look at the island on our own.

Sleeping on a lonely island

Our evening started very stressful, because we had to pack our things for one night on the lonely island. When we arrived there some of us already started to build up the tents and the different spots for sleeping. Some of us slept in their tents and the other ones slept in the open air. We also had a campfire where we enjoyed some snacks and candys.

P.S.: Anita: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Papa, ich habe dich lieb.

Las clases de español se aplican

Date: 12.01.2023
Author: Thea
Nautical position: Jaco Beach, Pacific
Etmal: Schiff liegt halt vor der Küste von Panama und wartet auf uns

The big breakfast

Early in the morning the day started with a delicious breakfast buffet with a large selection. From fried bananas to toast to beans with rice, there was everything. Relatively quickly we went to the language school.

A big thank you!

The heat was very oppressive and therefore many jumped into the pool with bathing suits or normal clothes. As homework, my beginner group was given the task to write a thank you speech in spanish, which we will then present on the last day. My group sat down in the evening and drafted this speech. For the spanish professionals amongst you, this is the speech in spanish, but below it is the speech in german for everyone else. And for Sophia’s grandparents and Annas parents in englisch, too.


¡Hola nuestros amigos!
Yo llevamos una semana en Costa Rica. En los cuatro dias aprendemos mucho espaniol. Muchas gracias a Adriana, nuestra profesora fantastica y tam Biene a las demas profesores.
Podemos contar, pedir, deletrear, nostros presentar y describir caminos. ¡Es tan divertido!
Muchas gracias a hostel Adventure lodge la piscina, la comida y las habitaciones eran estupendas. Muchas gracias a surf factory. Surf eamas como professionales. ¡Increible! Muchas gracias a Mario, Helena y Franzi. El tiempo es genial con ustedes.
Esparamos con interes las praximas dos semanas. Ahora un pequeño vistazo a nustro curso de españo:
En el menú, hamburges es ciudadanos. Imginen la risa.
No pregunta del camarero, solo una declaracion “Sushi!”
Al principio no habia espaniol. Solo aleman, frances, latin y ingles.
Aprendemos a describir la comida aleman. Nuestra explicdion de col agria: Repollo y bacterias del acido lactico.
Tambien aprendemos nuevos platos nacionales alemanes. Un ejempio: Dibbelabbes!
Muchas gracias por el tiempo fantastico de Carlina, Theo, Thea, Philip, Matti y Sophia.


Hallo, unsere Freunde! Wir sind jetzt schon eine Woche in Costa Rica. In den vier Tagen lernen wir viel spanisch. Deswegen bedanken wir uns auf spanisch.

Besten Dank an Adriana, unsere großartige Lehrerin und an die anderen Professoren. Wir können zählen, buchstabieren, bestellen, uns vorstellen und den Weg beschreiben. Es macht solch einen Spaß.

Vielen Dank an das Hostel. Der Pool, das Essen und die Zimmer waren super.

Vielen Dank an die Surffactory. Wir surfen wie Profis. Unglaublich!

Vielen Dank an Mario, Helena und Franzi. Die Zeit ist super mit euch. Wir freuen uns auf die nächsten zwei Wochen.

Hier ein kleiner Einblick in unseren Spanischkurs:
Auf dem Menü werden Hamburger zu Bürgern. Stellt euch das Lachen vor.
Keine Frage vom Kellner, sondern nur eine Aussage „Sushi!”.
Am Anfang spricht niemand spanisch, sondern nur englisch, französisch, Latein und deutsch.
Wir lernen deutsche Nationalgerichte zu beschreiben.
Unsere Beschreibung für Sauerkraut: Weißkohl und Milchsäurebakterien!
Wir lernen auch neue deutsche Nationalgerichte kennen, ein Beispiel: Dibbelabbes!

Vielen Dank für die fantastische Zeit.


Hello, our friends! We have been in Costa Rica for a week now. In the four days we are learning a lot of spanish. That’s why we want to say thank you in Spanish.

Thanks to Adriana, our great teacher and to the other professors. We can count, spell, order, introduce ourselves and describe the way. It is such fun.

Thank you to the hostel. The pool, food and rooms were great.

Many thanks to the surf factory. We surfed like pros. Unbelievable!

Many thanks to Mario, Helene and Franzi. The time is great with you. We are looking forward to the next two weeks.

Here is a little insight into our Spanish course:
On the menu are hamburgers to citizens. Imagine this laughing.
No question from the waiter, just a statement „Sushi!“.
At the beginning nobody speaks Spanish, only English, French, Latin and German.
We learn to describe German national dishes.
Our description for sauerkraut: white cabbage and lactic acid bacteria!
We also learn new German national dishes, one example: dibbelabbes!

Thank you for the fantastic time.

A short break which we all needed

After a long wait for lunch, which stretched to three quarters of an hour, we had a short lunch break in which many took the opportunity to call family and friends at home or take a short nap. But this did not last too long for the second surf group. Due to the delayed lunch we had to leave directly for surfing. We were all full of anticipation and excited to see how the waves would be that day.

The process is professing

With all of them we saw strong progress in surfing. The teachers are super nice and give us good tips. In one or the other big wave you could also discover stingrays, which swam majestically around in the wave. But be careful not to step on them. The sun was shining and the water was nice and warm. The feeling of surfing together with everyone between the waves and then going for a swim made everyone happy. Much too quickly already the other group came, who surfed into the sunset and had an incredible time.

A great shoreleave

At the same time Franzi, Saba and me went to eat at a café recommended by my sister. Many thanks for that to Leni, who went along last trip. After a walk on the beach into the sunset, we went from one side of town to the other. More and more we bought souvenirs for our loved ones. This trip also ended way too quickly, so we headed back.


After we all arrived back here at our hostel, a big pool party started. The pool and the Jacuzzi were still used by some late into the night, while the others fell half dead into bed. The atmosphere in the evening was very relaxed. On the whole it was a very nice day and we all learned a lot!


Best regards from Costa Rica:

Sophia: Greetings to Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of my family and friends
Theodor: Ich grüße meine Familie und Freunde, insbesondere Lisa, Julian und Paul!
Philip: Ich grüße meine Familie!
Carlina: Ganz liebe Grüße an Philippa, Kim und Hanna
Thea: Ich grüße meine Freunde aus dem Segelverein, insbesondere meine Freunde aus der Segelgruppe. Ich freue mich schon sehr, mit euch den Sommer zu verbringen:)



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