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Walle Walle Würgeschwalle

Date: 2nd of February 2023
Author: Manuel
Position: Caribbean-Sea.
Nautical Position: 15°25.3’ N 080°32.2’ W
Etmal: 7998 NM

The Current State of Affairs

Today, we finally overcame our everlasting seasickness! Victoria, Victoria! For the first time in what felt like an eternity, happy spirits were all around. Apart from the phenomenal weather, nothing out of the ordinary happened today. However, as minor as it may seem, the change in weather had a tremendous impact on the ship’s climate. Ever since we departed from Panama four days ago, spirits had been low and vomit had been high up in the sky; the constant fear of sudden collapse creeping up on you on every corner was omnipresent. In fight against the seasickness the ship has got several different medications.

Levels of anti-seasickness-medication:

  1. Kwells (tablet)
  2. Cinnarazine (tablet)
  3. Morphium-plaster
  4. Small green tablet (off Nicolai’s memory)
  5. The final level dumn dumn daaa – one vaccination (this is btw a lyrical tool which is called “Onomatopoeia”. I learned in school that it is used for added dramatic effect :)).
  6. Gonzos super-secret tablet

Only those who dare get to level five. Fortunately for us, we do not have such tough cases on board. The closest we got was Nicolai. He managed to experience level four madness, however only because of funky fresh food poisoning in Lisbon. On a day-to-day basis we only consume common drugs like candy such as cinnarizine and Kwells (with a few newly added morphium stans).

„What are your thoughts about level 4 seasickness-medication?“

Nicolai: “So, first you taste the bitterness and then you feel good – it doesn’t matter in which situation you are. After this I promise you will sleep 24h. It was an experience!”

„How was your experience the last few days in comparison to the Bay of Biscay?“

Anton: “It was pretty good, because I was not really seasick. So, I cannot compare the Biscay to the northern Caribbean-Sea.”

Simon: “I got myself a “spawn-protection” with one Cinnarizine just before we left. That gave me a few hours to get into the situation and the sea state. Afterwards, I had actually no troubles with the waves.”

Kaija: „It was…. not terrible. In the Bay of Biscay the waves were much worse, I flew around the ship and everyone felt like dying. I noticed that, unfortunately, because of the long time ashore I was no longer in possession of my sea-legs which led me to paying the railing an awful lot of visits. Fortunately, within this misery our team spirit was clearly visible. Everyone was keen to help out those in need. It has become evident that we can rely on each other, no matter what.“

„How did a Morphium patch feel behind the ear? Would you recommend it?“

Hanna: “The Morphium patch was quite useful but all in all seasickness wasn’t blown away but it made the situation much better. Yeah, you can actually take it to get over your seasickness without that much pain but be careful!” – (As we learned from the Regina Maris: If you use more than one patch it works like drugs and you can get knocked-out)

Dunkel wars, der Mond schien helle,
als die Kotze blitzeschnelle
langsam aus dem Rachen fuhr.
(on the last four to eight watch :o)

Drinnen saßen stehend Leute,
leidend in den Schlaf vertieft,
als ein schweißgebad’ter Bube,
grade so am Leben blieb.
(The last two months in the green mile, sometimes we actually had around 28°C in the cabins. Hopefully, it will get colder while we are heading north :D)

Dies Gedicht schrieb eine Kröte,
abends in der Morgenröte,
als er in der Galley saß,
und die Müslipackung las.

After the 00:00-04:00 watch in the night we can eat an early breakfast which always consists of cereals. We can’t go a single night without fighting over the oats and mind-blowing chocolate-chips.
The past few days I was lucky enough to be blessed with the 04:00 to 08:00 morning watch. In my opinion we had the best sunrises and dawns of this voyage!


Anton: Liebe Grüße an Angela, Wolfgang & Ingrid (freue mich schon, euch wieder zu sehen)!

Peer: Hallihallo ihr Lieben zuhause. Ich hab‘ euch alle total lieb (auch die Katze)! Wir sind bald in Kuba und vermutlich werde ich euch bis Bermuda nicht wirklich anrufen können, deswegen dieser Weg. Lasst mein Zimmer heil und bitte vermietet es nicht, ich komme nämlich leider schon in zwei Monaten zurück, was mich ziemlich runterzieht. Wir versuchen aber trotzdem, hier die letzten Wochen noch in allen Zügen zu genießen. Vermiss‘ euch alle!

Sophia: Greetings to Emmi, Mama and Papa and also to the Holtons! I hope you’re not despairing in the grey weather! I’ll save some sunshine to give to you when I’m back home. Also, a hello to Grandma and Grandpa, it’s still weird to think we’re on the same side of the Atlantic.

Hanna: Liebe Grüße an alle zuhause! Franzi hat mich heute morgen bei der Watch gefragt, ob wir noch Kapazitäten bei uns auf dem Hof haben und hat vorgeschlagen, dass wir Alpakas halten könnten. Ich finde die Idee super!

Marie: Hallo Mama und Papa! Ich hab euch ganz dolle lieb drückt mir die Daumen für Wien und viel Spaß mit Familie Högner! NOOTSVUEL <3

But for now: Onwards to Cuba!

Stay Tuned!

Very exhausting day

Datum: 02.02.2023
Author: Philipp
Position:One World Farm
Ship: Sister Reggie

Today I woke up im my hammok surounded by the Jungle. I heard many different birds and some monkies screaming. After breakfast the non-infected and some of the infected went in the jungle to carry concret and other building materials to finally start construct on the first jungle camp.
So we walked back and forth the main camp and the construction site. Wenn we first arrived at the construction site we saw very very rare spider monkeys.

After a lot of walking back between and forth the camps and a few ant attacks we finally got lunch. All of us had very much mud on them and it was very hot in the jungle.

But after lunch we had to continue carrying materials and then we finally got to start building and put four metal poles in the ground supported by the concret we brought with us. Then we got to go back to the main camp one last time and then everyone of us could finally take a shower.
After the very nice dinner we had a very long ocean college meeting but now I can finally go to bed.

: An Lia, Balin, Niklas, Tim und Leonie
Sarah: An die Familie: Ich bin immer noch gesund, keine Sorge💪🏻
Vanessa: Liebe Oma, ich wünsche Dir alles Gute zum Geburtstag 🫦



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