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Bermuda is beautiful

Date: 23.02.2023
Author: Fynn
Position: Bermuda
Nautical Position: 32°22´.714 N 064°40´.869 W
Etmal: 10271nm
Ship: Pelican of London

Almost like in the movie!

Today was a wonderful day and today was the first time I recognised that we are going back north again as we were swimming in Gats Bay and the water was only 16.3° C. It was a shock that the water had cooled down so much since we left Costa Rica. The ocean water at the beach is beautifully turquoise and clear, you can even see colourful fish swimming in the distance. In any case, I want to return to the beach again with my underwater drone and take photos of the reefs that are around Bermuda.

Tall Ships are all the same!

At first when our generator was damaged, everyone was amused as the Thor Heyerdahl sailed into the harbour with a broken watermaker. The Pelican lies here with a broken generator and a non-functioning washing machine while simultaneously the Regina Maris is located in Panama with a broken gearing mechanism. What all tall ships have in common is that they all have defects sometimes .

Pelican und Thor im Hafen von Bermuda

A very interesting discussion!

We had a very interesting discussion with a local. He was firmly convinced that the earth is flat. To every of our statements and questions he had an answer, even if it was not always very plausible. To questions / statements he had no answers to, he changed to the next conspiracy theory. He also asked simple questions whose logical answers he did not accept and would also say that we have been brainwashed by the government. The assertion that the earth is flat we met with the question, why you can see the horizon only up to 11nm miles due to the earth’s curvature and how this is possible if the earth was flat. He asked a counter question that had nothing to do with the topic. Furthermore, almost every statement contradicted the laws of physics. Luckily, we have proper school on board.

Caro: Juri Gagarin war der erste Mensch im All! Liebe Grüße an Frau Schlüter und Frau Bienert, dank Ihres Unterrichts konnte ich eine gute Argumentation mit physikalischer Grundlagen in diesem kleinem Wortgefecht der Wissenschaft darbieten. Desweiteren liebste Grüße an den Schuschu und grüß‘ mal die Fünftklässler von mir.

Fynn: Ich grüße meine Familie und meine Klassenkameraden und freue mich schon, euch wieder zu sehen.

Saba: Helen, ich wünsche dir viel Glück bei Deinen Sportwettbewerben. DU SCHAFFST DAS!!!

Paul: Ich grüße Hannes und Hugo.

Anbritt: Viele Grüße an meine Familie und Freunde.

Last free-shore-leave in Panama?

Date: 23.02.2023
Author: Brian
Position: Bocas del Toro
Nautical position: N 09° 19.852 W 082° 14.231
Etmal: 6316.6 nm

Two months left…

As the sun came up to begin the beautiful 23rd of February in Panama, we all realized what day it was… the two months left mark… two thirds (2/3) of the way done. It’s quite crazy how fast the time has past and how little we still have ahead of us, especially since most of the two months will be sailing and we only have three stops left. So much has happened and we have learned so many incredible things.

Morning Class

Anyways, after we had had our breakfast the day started with our usual Happy-30-minutes to make sure everything stays crispy clean. Once the Deck, Mess-room and Heads & Showers were clean we moved on into our lessens. Today we had Biology and individual class. All of the first watches started with Biology, where temporary Project-leader and teacher Florian gave us the option to either learn about ‘Mendel Genetic’ or ‘Zellbiologie’ (or of course any Biology topics that we had brought from home). As soon as the lesson was finished, the second group came outside to learn with Florian while we moved in to begin our individual class with Jacob. Many people decided to work on their German HW, others did more Biology…


At around 14:00, the first dinghy shuttle left for the island to begin our free-shore-leave. My group decided to take a Taxi to Skully’s beach bar and after the 20 minutes it took to manage to wave down an empty Taxi, it took us 10 minutes to get there. Once we were there we were quite thrilled with this recommendation, because this was a really cool bar, with pool tables, a pool, table tennis, the beach, many restaurants, a bar… While we enjoyed our time here, others rented bikes a drove around town, ate in restaurants or played ball with locals. The general feedback for todays shore-leave was very positive, although people are slowly running out of ideas for things to do and we are all extremely excited to begin our voyage to Cuba.

Night swim!

Towards to end of the day at 18:00 the dingy brought us back to the ship. People from the first dinghy managed to even take a short swim before we moved on into our Ocean-College meeting. Here we received our general information, but also that we are most likely now leaving on Saturday with Andre. We were also told about our plans for tomorrow; a bike tour. Where exactly we are going and what exactly we are doing we are not sure yet, but we are all excited for the next day. Finally the meeting was ended with a very positive message… a night swim! We had been asking for this for a while now, so we were all very excited to hear this news. Next we had our ‘Crack-kids meeting’ in which we briefly discussed some of our own private matters and quickly moved on to dinner. After rushing through the yummy dinner with really nice cookies for dessert many people jumped in! As usual, there were people jumping from the Bowsprit, from the poop-deck, from the main-deck, from the Tarzan-swing… It was a great evening, especially because this was the first time in a while where probably around three fourths of the people were in the water and it was just a good time.

Thank you Chef Damian

Last of all our amazing Chef Damian gave us access to his huge hardrive once again in order for us to pull music and movies off and onto our devices. Since he has such a large variety on the 16 TB hardrive many people were excited with all the options and used this opportunity to ‘take’ a lot of his stuff and move them to their personal hardrives.

Well, that was today, a wonderful day again filled with lots of fun!


Benjamin D.: Liebe Oma, lieber Opa. Ich konnte ja heute leider nicht mit euch telefonieren. Wünsche euch aber trotzdem alles Gute und freue mich schon darauf, mit euch nach Kuba zu telefonieren.

Theo W.: Viele Grüße an die ganze Familie. Ich hoffe, ihr habt schöne Ferien. Vermisse euch und melde mich auf Bermuda. Hab‘ euch lieb!

Benedek: Liebe Grüße an alle Zuhause und wo ihr alle grad seid. Vermiss euch alle sehr! Puzsi

Soraya: Viele liebe Grüße Mum, ich habe dich ganz dolle lieb.

Leo: Hab‘ euch ganz doll lieb.Freu‘ mich, euch bald wieder zu sehen.

Lina: Hab‘ euch alle ganz dolle lieb.

Juno: Liebe Grüsse an euch alle zuhause, liebe euch.

Marlene: Liebe Oma Opas, liebe Grüße aus Panama! Ich hab‘ euch lieb:)

Brian: Liebe Grüße an alle Zuhause, und ich hab‘ euch alle ganz dolle lieb und halte euch hier auf den laufenden! Bussi!



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