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Date: 27.02.2023
Author: Franzi M.
Position: Bermuda, St George’s
Nautical Position: 32° 22.0’ 714N / 064°40.0’869W
Etmal: 10271NM
Ship: Pelican of London

Dear Family, Friends and especially upcoming OC Trainees,

this is Franzi M., but today you may call me Birthday princess. Why that? Easy, it’s my 16th Birthday!
Ever since I was little, my birthday has always been something big, or shall we say, important to me. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect here at Ocean College regarding my birthday this time away from home without my loved ones and the traditions with them. Funnily enough, I calculated two years ago (plus / minus) that I’ll probably turn 16 when in Bermuda. I guess, I calculated correctly. So that you don’t feel like I did before the voyage in not knowing what to expect, my birthday is now described in the smallest details.

Midnight Celebrations

Last night I did the 22:00 to 00:00 harbour watch with Saba and Matti, so that we could stay awake for midnight celebrations. But it wasn’t only us who stayed awake. No, also my dearest friends struggled to get to midnight for me.

When it finally was time, I came out of the wheelhouse, just relieved from the upcoming watch and I saw Thea, Kaya, Elizabeth, Caro, Sophie, Kaija, Lara and Saba sit where the rib usually is stored at sea. They even lit up a candle on a chocolate muffin.

We sat in a circle, my friends sang for me, we ate the muffin all together and I got to read the most wonderful letter they had written to me. In these moments you just realize what a big place the people you meet here take up in your heart.

After some time, most of us went to get some sleep but Thea and I still sat in the mess room. We drank hot chocolate and looked at all the pictures we found of our voyage and also the previous voyage. Yes, that took up a lot of sleeping time which is why the both of us were in bed at around 02:00 in the morning.

Sweet 16!

This morning I woke up straightly knowing it was my birthday. I swear to you, I smiled when sleeping. Still, I stayed in bed for some time until I did get up and prepared me a big bowl of self-bought “FrootLoops”. Already then, a lot of people had wished me a happy birthday.

I sat outside, it was sunny of course and read a few chapters of my book while eating. In the following morning Meeting, not only were we told to do heads and showers but also I got sung a very happy birthday.

Afterwards, I finally dressed up to go to the beach with all voyage crew. Yesterday, Benno told us it was called the most beautiful beach of Bermuda, so I did look forward to it quite a lot. I mean, you do expect something from a beach named “Clearwater Bay”.

Well, we were a bit delayed by having to wait for some bits of rain to stop but they didn’t destroy any of my good moods nor the indeed wonderful views of the bay when we arrived. It was and still is a bit chilly, so I sat in a lounge chair in a little hut on the beach with some others covered in towels and jackets.

We read our books and the “tough ones” went swimming… I did not. But what I heard is that the water is as clear as we were told and that it is cold. By the beach there also was a playground, which we of course had to use to look for our inner child. We found it!

At around 14:00 we decided to take the bus back to St George’s (not only to get us frozen yoghurt of course). After a short trip to Pelican to get some things, we did get us some frozen yoghurt though. But nevertheless us “chicas” went on a birthday adventure by exploring the caves where the old restaurant is.

To be honest, I can’t tell you lots about the caves because I maybe was just a tiny bit scared, so I maybe had to wait outside. Outside the caves it was also nice with the sun in my face trying to get the last tan for the winter/summer. Suddenly, with only one hour left of shore leave we bought some chips and drinks and sat down on our favorite two benches with water view. We enjoyed the late afternoon and then made our way back to beloved Pelican.

Birthday evenings

Right when back aboard, I sat myself to the fenders and started writing this report. Dinner was chicken with rice, very tasty and there was some chocolate cheesecake with ginger biscuit grounding and cream topping for dessert. That one was more than just tasty! Luckily, I even got a second one with beautiful decorations around just for me, the birthday girl. Now, I sadly have to learn for the chemistry test tomorrow morning… wish me luck!

After all, I firstly want to thank my friends here for giving me the birthday of my wishes but especially I truly am grateful for my family at home for making all of this possible. I love you and miss you eternal and forever!

Mama, today it’s 0 or 356 days to go, you decide! And Anna and Vicky, you are my favorite sisters of the two I have! Besides, also greetings to Anna’s Boyfriend.

: Ich grüße meinen Papa. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag.

Back to business

Date: 27.02.2023
Author: Merit
Position: Caribbean Sea
Nautical position: N 15 30‘ 438 W 81 38‘ 953
Etmal: 6703,3nm
Ship: Regina Maris 

Hello again, I really don’t know what to write because nothing special happened, but I try to tell you the day in the most exciting way.


I woke up from a wonderful sleep, it was beautiful weather and it didn’t rain in the night, the last days it rained a lot especially at night, which is really annoying when you have the nightwatch, you are tired and just want to go to bed by Androhung to get wet. But this night it was all dry. The waves are big, I woke from one up because I was thrown around in my bed. Of course we had breakfast, and we had Nutella, I’m always happy when I see that on the breakfast table and my day starts better with a Nutella toast, you should try it, it really helps when you aren’t that motivated to start your day. After breakfast we finally set the sails again, it was so nice to see most of our sails out in the wind, I missed that so much the last weeks and I don’t want to imagine how I am feeling when I am back home again, I’m gonna miss the Reggie and sailing and just everything, but we’re all gonna miss it.

A little later some of us had individual class, it is always hard to motivate yourself to do schoolwork, but you have do what you have do, right? Some others slept or had watch. After that we had Happy Hour, we did it today because yesterday a lot where seasick, some are still today, that’s why we did it today. We cleaned a lot because the Sea made a mess on our ship, so we put it all back on the right spot again and made our Reggie all shiny. Later when we finished that, I personally went to sleep and I think a lot others did too. At sea you always get really tired, I don’t know why but I really sleep a lot when we are sailing.


After my nice nap we ate lunch, for lunch we had couscous with vegetables, which was really delicious.
After lunch the other half had individual class.

Endlich nachgereicht: Erklärbär Theodor über Karteneinträge


In our Ocean College meeting Captain Andre explained us on the map where we are and where exactly we are going, that was really interesting and he said by tomorrow morning we are going to be half way there. We also planned a little on our boardbook, I think it is going to be great.

We got a wonderful dinner served by the Galley Team, thank you so much: Handmade Gnocci, which was a lot of hard work, but I think it was worth it because it was really good. We had a relaxing evening, and I am really looking forward to go to bed.

So bye, bye

Sarah: An Nini Vilters, alles Gueti zum Geburtstag! Ich hoffe, ihr hen schön chöne fiire.



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