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Havana ooh nana

Date: 03.03.2023
Author: Soraya
Position: Cuba
Nautical Position: N23*05,033 W82*30,001
Etmal: 7273,8
Ship: Regina Maris

Arriving at our new destination

After six days of sailing we arrived at our new destination. And it is a very special one: Cuba. To me personally, when I woke up, went outside on the main deck and captured the fresh breeze of Cuba, it felt kind of special to me. Just to see a different environment and place than the one we were stuck at for almost three weeks before leaving.

Not that I didn’t enjoy it. It’s rather the opposite. I am sure I am not only talking for myself, but everyone really enjoyed and appreciate the time we had in Panama. And because we spent so much time there, a bond or kind of a connection developed between us and Bocas del Toro. But it is more than nice to see and feel the voyage moving on and to experience new things.

Immigration in Cuba

Unfortunately, we first had to go through immigration which again took time but good news: Our boat passed the health inspection like it was literally nothing. They were more than happy with the state of our boat. This made us get free shore leave earlier which we all looked forward to like crazy.

Theo and Adam presented their pathway presentations. Theo told us what a good documentary it is and Adam taught us about the effects of social media on kids and teenagers. Both presentations were very interesting and educational.

First steps on cuban grounds

Around the afternoon we then got to see Cuba but only around our harbor “Marina Hemingway”. But we fast realized that there isn’t that much to see here. Today I went to shore with my lovely fellow people Merit and Lina. We walked by a bowling place which we than decided to go in and check it out.

Well… that didn’t happen because it was closed and in fact many stores and shops were closed. Instead, we saw many very impressive looking cars driving by. I am not into cars, but those Oldtimers were very cool (I am sure my brother would have taken a billion pictures of them) and we sort of seemed to be an eye catcher. The few people on the streets asked us where we’re from and even cars stopped to get to know more about our visit here in Cuba.

Hours passed and the sun seemed to burn through our skins and released tiredness in our bodies so we eventually headed back to our beloved Reggie. Tomorrow though we are planning on visiting Havana. It is a struggle to get there but I am optimistic that we will make it and I am so hyped!

Movie Night!!!

After our delicious, filling and more than edible dinner cooked by Benjamin (aka Blümchen), Adam and Freddy (the food wasn’t spicy at all, we will just ignore the fact that we consumed two milk bags while eating our food) we watched the movie “Seaspiracy” which Maliqa and Juno highly recommended. To be honest, I am writing this daily report whilst watching the movie.

But I cannot remember the last time our Messroom was that full of people actually watching a movie. So yes, the movie is indeed very interesting and since I really want to continue watching, my daily report will end here.

I hope that you are all doing well and enjoyed reading this report. Stay safe and have a lovely day.


Benedek: Habe euch lieb

Leo: Hab‘ euch alle lieb

Nikita: Liebe Grüße an die Blochis und an Omas und Opas! Hab euch lieb!

Juno: Liebe euch Oma Opa Holland!

Freddy: Viele Grüße an meine Klasse und meine Lehrer, Schule läuft super freue mich aber auch schon auf euch

Soraya: Ich freue mich schon so dolle euch wieder zu sehen und ich habe euch ganz dolle lieb

A normal day on Pelican

Author: Lara
Date: 03.03.2023
Position: Still the harbour of Bermuda…
Nautical Position: 32°22.0’714N/ 064° 40.0’ 869W
Etmal: 10271NM
Ship: Pelican of London

Today the day started with an early morning shore-leave from 06:00-08:00 Except for Sophie, Elizabeth, the galley-team and me. Sophie, Elizabeth and I had harbour watch from 06:00-08:00 and the galley-team had to prepare the breakfast.

After the shore leave it was a normal day on Pelican. As you already should know from the past daily reports the A’s had school and the B’s maintenance (Bosun’s work).

Today our subjects were physics and geography. After lunch we swap, so that the B’s had school and the A’s maintenance. At 17:20 there was dinner and after the galley was clean we had shore leave until 20:30.

For the next Ocean College Groups

In this daily report I want to take the opportunity to give you and the next Ocean College groups pieces of advice and tips.


Our next stop are the Azores, so we have to sail over the North Atlantic. That means rough weather, strong winds, cold rain, swell, and so on. The best thing against seasickness are pills. Kwells. Maybe you already know Kwells as ”Gonzos-Pinke-Wunderpillen” They are stowed in a box in the wheelhouse and everyone can take some. Also, ginger is a good thing. Although ginger biscuits don’t have the best taste, they really work. As bonbons, tea, biscuits or dried. Everything helps.

I remember one moment on my 16:00-20:00 watch with our last First Mate Ali. She always had two bags of ginger biscuits and asked everyone: “Do you want a biscuit?” That was always a nice gesture.

Next point is: Make sure you sleep a lot and don’t think too much about the seasickness. If you think everything is fine, everything will be fine!!!

Also, an important thing is that you drink enough water. Stay hydrated. Because of the vomiting, you lose a lot of water, so drink a lot!


Another big problem was the heat in the cabins in the Caribbean. A positive thing is that on mostly every bunk there is a mini-ventilator. Most of them are working. But a smart thing is, that you buy your own ventilator. The money is worth it.

Drink a lot! A big motivation for me was the cool and fresh water out of the fridge. Take your water bottle, fill it up with water and put it in the fridge. Normally, the water out of the tab is cold. Normally!

On Pelican you can choose between hot water or nearly hot water out of the tab. So put the water into the fridge and you have cold water.

Because you can’t shower every day you have to try new things. In German I would say “Katzenwäsche” but this is an English daily report so I try to translate it as best as I can. Take a washcloth with cold water and wash every part of your body which is sweating.

It works really well so I can recommend it.

I also heard from someone, who just put some deodorant under the arms like normal, but also on every part, who is sweating. The person said it worked out pretty well and also a positive thing: You smell good!


The last point I want to write about is the organisation. You live with five people in a cabin for six months. So the organisation is priority number one. I had shoe organisers and I would totally recommend them.

Make sure you take only the important things with you. If you think about really using the products or not, leave them at home. Just take things with you about which you are 100% sure you need them.

Communication is a good thing. Ask the people about products you can use together. Like schoolbooks or other stuff, so you don’t have a big bag with school- or other stuff.

I hope my tips and pieces of advice help you with packing or that you know now more about the life on board.


I greet my parents and my siblings. I really love and miss you. But I look forward to April (and Janek and Joanna, especially May!!!). Of course, I greet Oppa, Omma, Dino and Dide too! I love you all.

Sophie: Grüße an meine Family. Hab euch ganz dolle lieb <3 Und vielen Dank an Elizabeths Eltern für die Konzertkarten!

Elizabeth: Liebe Grüße an Mama und Papa,hab‘ euch ganz doll lieb. Ein weiterer Punkt für die Liste Rittersport mit Keks.

Kaya: Liebe Grüße an meinen Lieblingsbruder.

Thea: Ich grüße Boden, unsere Rückwerts-Krabblerin:) hab‘ dich lieb und wenn ich wieder da bin müssen wir zu einer Tupperfeier gehen..

Lennox: Viel Erfolg bei den Prüfungen, Luna! Hab‘ euch lieb Mama, Papa, Luna und den Rest 🙂

Leander: Moin Leude! Ich grüße Euch aus dem immer noch grünen und zumeist warmen Bermuda wie immer stay high stay hungry. Achso ich habe eine Bitte an Euch. Bitte bringt mir Spezi mit, wenn wir ankommen, BITTE. HAB EUCH LIEB.



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