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Saint George in sight!

Date: 13.03.2023
Author: Benjamin D.
Position: Port of St. George
Nautical Position: N32°16.8 W064°426
Etmal: 8.408
Ship: Regina Maris

Fire, Fire, Fire?

Tonight, we had a special event. For some unknown reason our fire alarm went on. It was around 01:00 in the morning. I was on watch, steering, dancing to the music in my over-dimensional Oil-gear, looking like the Michelin Man. Shortly before I was done with my turn the fire alarm went on. We were all really confused what had happened and a bit frightened.

Everyone gathered at the muster station and the officers looked for the problem. All our procedures went smooth, and it turned out that it was only a false alarm.

Arrival in Bermuda

Today was one of the days we always look forward to. The day of arrival in a new country. But still the day started like every other day at sea. Breakfast at eight, individual- and german Class and afterwards the happy thirty minutes. Business as usual.

The waves were calm and there wasn’t too much wind. One of the things we are already missing is the warm temperatures, since we left Cuba, the weather became colder and we had to unpack our oil-gear. At around 17:00 (Reggie time) a pilot came on board and delegated us into the harbor of Saint George.

Around dinner the immigration came to our boat and we all checked in. Saint George looks like an aesthetic little town, the rooftops were all white and the building all have different colors. We are all looking forward to our time here.

Some of our insiders

As some of you might already know, we have a lot of insiders on our nice little boat and today the day has arrived that I am going tell you about some of them. There are the basics like “High tunes” and “turn up”. We mostly use them in situations when we are all gathered, like at the time when we were in Cherbourg and the french television was filming us (the scene where we said it, was unfortunately cut out of the report).

Then there is the “Pura Vida Bruder/Schwester” saying. Originally it is from Costa Rica, but we took it and changed its meaning a little bit. We use it as a placeholder or when we are in exhausting situations and want to express that we are annoyed by the current situation but are still able to make fun of it.

Last but not least there is the “eheheh” laugh, it is hard to describe this one, just look “Peter Griffin family guy laugh” up on youtube. This is used in the most random situations.


Merit: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Papa! Hab‘ Dich lieb!❤

Brian: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Opa! Ich hoffe, Du hattest einen schönen Tag und hattest einen schönen Wein! Ich rufe dann noch morgen an! Habe Dich und Ami lieb (und alle Kelleys natürlich auch)! Bussi!

Lenya: Guten Flug Loulou :))) Ich hoffe, Du hattest supertolle zwei Monate in Thailand und kommst Zuhause (im Kalten) an. Hier in Bermuda ist es jetzt auch schon ziemlich kalt und auf den Watches laufen wir wieder nur in Ölzeug herum. Ich vermisse Dich ganz doll und freue mich schon, Dich wieder zu sehen. Hab‘ Dich ganz doll lieb :))

Juno: Liebe Grüsse an dich Plastikpapa, vermisse Dich sehr!

Atlantic – Boring?

Date: 13th of March 2023
Author: Simon
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Nautical Position: 30°59,4’ N 053°31,2’W
Etmal: 10871 NM
Ship: Pelican of London

Water, air, watch, sleep. These are main things on the big crossings. So, it’s nearly impossible to not get bored. To do something against it, most people read, listen to music or watch movies. We have many different tastes on board. Some people like to sleep with Hard Rock and in the Galley you mostly hear classics. These are chosen by Kester. Personally, I like nearly everything and I’m able to go to most people without being triggered. When Hannes was still aboard we had the pleasure of German rap before every class. For the most people this was really funny (note from Sophia: not for me!). All our watch-keepers hate German rap and under Sailor Simon’s command it was usually forbidden. But he was just able to rid the bridge of it most of the time. On the second Atlantic crossing, with everyone’s stock filled with popcorn from Bermuda again, we have someone sitting in the messroom every evening, watching something like: “Dein Song” or “Too Hot to Handle”. “Too hot to Handle” is a show where “hot” people are put into a house and should not touch each other and if they do they lose money which they could win. I tell you, the TV standards here on Pelican sank like the Titanic.

It is just drama, drama and even more drama. Reading this, in his mind teacher Simon is already picking a good historic movie to get us back on the educational track. So, I’m more with the people which watch stuff like Harry Potter, Forrest Gump or other iconic movies. I don’t think I will ever understand how people have fun by watching horror movies but on Bermuda you could hear the screams on the whole ship from Paul, Nicolai and Constantin. As we were in Hamilton I found a book store in which they sold my favourite book series: The Saxon Series, written by Bernard Cornwall. The books have a really good fighting descriptions. I was reading the first book in english for the first time and it was even better than the German translation. Now, I passed the book on to other people whose interest I have risen by telling them about the books. But those are not the only books which are getting passed around. Philip’s sailing book and many e-Readers are also borrowed on a regular basis.


An important part of the daily life on board are the diaries. When you miss something or just need to write moments or feelings down you can use it. I’m doing a video-diary because I think it is better to see the way I have changed and I can already see that my attitudes have changed in many ways. Not just because of a different haircut (I’m now about to do a decision, if I will change it yet another time) but also my attitude changed and I now have a better understanding of moments which happened in the past. Anyways, Teacher Simon surely encourages me in making the decision for braver haircuts, like awesome mohawks.



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