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28 days left

Datum: 25.03.2023
Autorin: Emily
Nautische Position: N 33 34,806 W 053 35,283
Etmal: 8990
Schiff: Regina Maris

Every day one step closer to home 

Today we had a really wavy day on our way to the Azores. Over the last night we lost two Bikinihalyards. In the morning while the watch from 05-09:00 our ex-student Justus drove a Patenthalse.  But it was really funny so it lightened up our day. When it’s so cold and wavy and everything flies around, a lot of us get really homesick and are exited for the arrival in Amsterdam. We have 28 days left and a few of us want to stay longer on our Reggie but most of us are looking forward to home. 
Personally, I am so excited for my family and friends, my own room and I am always fantasizing about the food at home. We are counting the days. 

Every day the same

In the morning we had individual and seamanship class with Kilian. The days at sea frequently have a very similar rhythm, so often it is really boring. But now all of us have to write their motivation letter for their positions in the handover after the Azores. I was lucky enough to have watch with Fox 2 from 17:00 to 21:00, so we had the watch every day during sunset. During dinner we always turned on the autopilot and ate in our round and spilled the tea. The waves today were like baby tsunamis and you couldn’t stay on the main deck because of the huge waterwalls that came on deck. Steering was also very difficult so every time I was off course, I had a bad conscious because of the yelling people in the mess room. 

What are you most exited for ?

Vanessa: I’m looking forward to my family, my own room and windows which you can open every time.
Marlene: I look forward to my parents, my bed and a 24 hour access to a fridge.
Marvin: I’m exited to go crazy with my friends.
Lenya: My doggo.
Anita: Family and Friends.

P.S. Ich freu‘ mich schon so auf alle Zuhause, dicke Umarmung Mama, Papa, hab‘ euch lieb!

Marlene: Mama, Papa, ich habe Seekrankheit mal wieder überstanden, alles super! Ich hab‘ euch lieb und freu‘ mich auf euch:) 

Vanessa: Ich habe heute schon von Zuhause geträumt. Ich vermisse euch und freue mich schon auf euch! Melli, Mama, Papa, hab‘ euch lieb 🙂

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