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Gemälde auf den Azoren

A beautiful last day ashore

Date: 02.04.2019
Author: Kira M.
Position: Horta, Açores
Nautical Position: 38° 31.8 N; 28° 37.3 W
Etmal: 11690 nm

So, this is going to be my last daily report. I am kind of sad, even though I never really loved writing these reports. It’s just another sign that our time on the Pelican of London is going to end soon, just like the fact that this was our last day ashore before Bologne-sur-Mer.

So, enough talking about stuff that makes me sad, even though our families and friends at home are probably quite happy about it, ’cause that means we are home soon.

Today was a beautiful day that started for me without breakfast, due to my lack of sleep during the night, but that’s okay. After the mess was cleaned and our daily meeting was held we prepared for a hike to the crater of the volcano.

In the end it was more like a bus trip than a hike and I think a lot of us were really glad, because we already visited a lot of volcanos and hiked every now and then.

Even though I can only speak for myself I am sure most of us didn’t choose a sea-voyage ’cause we like hiking so much. Anyway – our trip to the volcano was not only special because of the nonexistent view, due to low hanging clouds, but also because Niki gave us our letters, that we wrote to ourselves in Vigo about five months ago.

For some of us it was really an emotional moment, I just found it was incredibly funny, because my letter was pretty childish. 

From the moment we were back in Horta we had free time and it seemed like everyone went to the Peter’s Café Sport shop to buy some really cool sweatshirts and pullovers.

After that most of us went to Peter’s Café Sport itself, the famous sailor café, to eat some cake, taste the whale soup or just to buy a huge amount of post stamps (they probably made the deal of their life in regards to that).

Other than that some of us went to buy some paint (Lizzy and Ronja and later Ronja again, with Marlen and me), some of us bought some sweets and snacks for the last leg or just enjoyed their free time.

While we spent our time in the town, Lizzy spent her time painting a beautiful picture on one of the quay walls, opposite to the Ocean College mural from last year (I think you can see it on Instagram, they both look awesome).

At 5 o’clock we all met in front of the mural to see Lizzy doing the last brush strokes, to spray some white colour under Lizzy’s supervision to get the Polaroid-frame and in the end to sign the picture.

All of it took a bit longer than expected, so we arrived a bit late at the pizzeria, but early enough to escape the dark clouds that were building up on the horizon.

The pizza was really great, especially in comparison to the ship-wrap-pizza (and there we are, another last time: the last time that we all ate together before the arrival in Boulogne and with that also the last evening where we still had solid ground under our feet) and we all enjoyed it, except for those who were sadly unable to eat pizza, but they had other great food.

Back at the ship most of us used the chance to talk another time to our people back home.
And with that ended a beautiful day in Horta.

Love and greetings to our families and friends from the whole Pelican-crew,

Kira M.

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