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A collection of impressions about the countries we have visited

Author: Noé
Date: 19th Dezember 2019
Geografical position: Caribbean sea, on our way to Curaçao
Nautical Position: 12°30.5N/ 061°43.5W
Etmal: 90sm

Let´s start were everything began.


I really loved Bordeaux. My first memory is about the sunset and the really nice welcome from everybody on board. We arrived in the early evening and saw this beautiful bridge with the moon over it and the lights from the city and the fun park right next to us. The water was colored in a light pink, just like the sky, with some red clouds in it. On our second day we explored the city. We saw some old, really pretty buildings, visited a ‘Creperie’ and meet many nice people. It was dreamy.



When we first saw the city from our ship, we thought that it looks like the rest of a war. It seemed really ugly. But when we entered it, I realized that our first impression was totally wrong. Everything was built out of a light brown stone and you had this feeling of being welcome. We went on top of a mountain, where we saw our ship, surrounded by dark blue water and old, little buildings with many balconies. Afterwards my group visited a candy store, which was colored in pink, with candies in every shade of the rainbow inside. Then we went to a really cute bar/restaurant and ate fresh calamaris, nachos + guacamole etc. while talking to our parents.

Gruppe in Vigo


I still remember how excited I was, when the teachers told us, that we were going to Morocco.
The city was so different to everything we are used to. The market was full of shoes, traditional clothing, colorful carpets and so much more… Everybody around us talked, shouted the prizes of their goods or tried to sell something to us. My group tried a lot of traditional food, from bread with ham, to fresh fish and Taji.

Handeln auf dem Markt

Later on we had a camel ride at the beach, and a really nice dish somewhere in the desert. On the second day in Essauiora, we visited the food market, which was even more chaotic than the normal one, with the challenge to buy fruits and vegetable for 43 people. Accidentally, my group bought 20kg of lemons, and not 20 in piece as we were told. At the evening we went to the beach and played football, which was the perfect end of the busy day at the market.


Tenerife was our last chance to buy European things, so we all went shopping and called friends and family. Laura, Frida, Emy, Marlene M. and me went to an old café with many cakes and organized everything we needed to have done before crossing the Atlantic ocean. The city wasn´t that pretty, but still it took place in my heart and gave me a lot of unforgettable memories. Then, on our third day we climbed the Teide. It was freezing cold and everybody was so tired, but then we reached the top and saw the sun coming out. After two days we returned to the city and visited the beach together with the project ‘Stop! Microwaste’. The following day we rested and chilled at the ship, before heading to the Cape Verdes.

Gipfel Teide

Cape Verdes

After nearly a week on the ship, everybody was happy to see land. The first island we visited was completely deserted. Nobody lived there and there was nothing but water, shells as big as hands and little brown hills. We went swimming and chilled at the beach. The second island we visited was the main one.

We explored the city, went searching for a café that has WIFI to call friends and family before the Atlantic crossing and bought many fresh fruits. The last island was the most beautiful one. We saw a vegetable plantation, baby turtles finding their way to the sea, ate fresh fish and played football with the locals.

Dinghi herablassen vor Kapverden


Blick vom Klüver

We crossed the Atlantic!! I think everyone came up on deck, when we saw land. It was crazy. I really loved the Caribbean. We went swimming, snorkeling, visited the islands (my favorite one was the last one and Bequia) and ate fresh coconuts on the beach. It was perfect and totally unbelievable. White sand, green palm trees and turquoise water. Just like you image the Caribbean.

Strand in der Karibik

That’s already it. There’s so much more but I can´t write down everything, that would be impossible. I loved every country we have visited so far and I’m so thankful to be here.

PS:Many greets and kisses out to my family, I love -and miss you. Yours, Noé.

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