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A day at the harbour

Date: 11.10.2020
Author: Mia
Position: Harbour of Folkestone
Geographical Position: 51°06.59’N , 001°11.9’E
Etmal: 132,1 NM (total distance: 371,6 NM)

Cleaning the bathrooms

After breakfast my watch (Fore Watch) had to clean the bathrooms of every single cabin. Mats and I had to bring some water for the cleaning. Afterwards Clara, our watchleader, told us that we are done with our work. I felt a bit useless but then I started taking notes for the daily report in my bunk. I was doing it there, because it was the most quiet place to work and it was easier to concentrate. When my watch was done cleaning the bathrooms, Silja told me a funny but also a little tragic story. While cleaning, the bucket fell down and the water flooded the electronics nearby. Good that we have an engineer here.

Organization of the school topics

Some students still had to organize their school topics which they got from their schools at home with the things they have to learn on the boat. We had to organize this with Priska, Sven and Nicolas. I am excited for school, because I think it is much more fun to learn in a more practical way than at home with the monotonous school system.

Climbing the mast

Afterwards we had to get ready for climbing the mast. I was very nervous, because on one position it‘s hard to grab the bars. Before you reach the platform you have to lean back and switch your grabbing from a tight rope to the bars. The good thing is that we are always safe with our harness. While I climbed the mast it felt scary but when I was on the yard I enjoyed it and I felt quite free because of the wind and I was able to see far over Folkstone.

An hour ago, we started sailing again. Let‘s see where the weather and Covid will bring us next.


Ich (Mia) grüße meine Familie und Freunde. Und an Mama: Weil ich keine andere Möglichkeit hatte, es dir mitzuteilen, bitte reserviere den Sommerurlaub, wenn du es noch nicht gemacht hast!!! 😉 Tausend Dank schonmal.

Clara grüßt ihre Famile und die CoOCs. Besondere Grüße auch an ihre Freunde und an ihren Bruder Lukas. Danke für dein Paket!!! Ich habe es aufgemacht, nicht, weil ich es nötig hatte, aber Sehnsucht nach dir habe und ich habe mich wahnsinnig darüber gefreut. Danke! <3

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