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A day in a Cloud Forest

Author: Paul
Date: 10.01.2020
Location: Coronado // San Jose

Today we visited a part of the Costa Rican jungle which is due to its hight called Cloud Forest.

As you can imagine it is often very cloudy and foggy.

The part of the forest we went to is a corridor between to National Parks and because of that people come there not very often which means a very untouched nature.

In the middle of nowhere

We started after the lessons with the Bus drove about 1,5 hours to a tiny village in the middle of nowhere with just 15 families.

The street was quite challenging for the bus and in the end it was not really a street anymore. There we got lunch and started our hike.

The „street“

muddy street in the Cloud forest

The first part was the rest of the „street“ which developed more and more into a muddy trail.

Once we arrived in the „real“ forest or primary forest as ist is called here the path became a bit more dry but narrow.

So everything our guide told us, had to be passed to the end of the line of students, which was really funny because ist was like silent post.

The waterfall

We went to a volcanic river with a nice waterfall where some of us went swimming.

After that we went to a very beautiful view point. Just with a foto you can not really imagine how amazing the view is but just that your get the idea:

traumhafter Ausblick mit Wasserfall

After that we started our way back and arrived at the busses when it was already dark.

It was amazing to be in a real jungle for the first time but in the following weeks we will be in a jungle most of the time and we all really look foreward to that.

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