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A day in Barrow

Date: 06/08/2022
Authors: Nele H. and Freya S.
Position: 54°06.499´N 3°13.553´W                             

Getting ready for the day

Our day started with breakfast at 7 am. We had to get up earlier than normal because, our daily plan was to join camp activities (as archery, rock climbing,…) at the YMCA. As we arrived at 8:50 am, Bruno turned the song YMCA on, we all danced and sang to the song.

Starting the activities in Barrow

After this, Darius (an employee of the camp) welcomed us and our big group got separated into two smaller groups. My (Neles) and Freyas group started with rock climbing. All of our group members did very well on climbing up the rocks.

Eating lunch

Around 12 am we met the other group and ate lunch together. The food was fantastic, we ate sausages, french fries, potatoes and for dessert we had white chocolate cookies.

Canoeing in Barrow

During the second half oft he day, we switched the activities. Our group went canoing (all 13 of us in the same boat). Some of us were so brave, they went into the cold water. Petra, who was in our group, was that brave and jumped unplanned (and with all of her clothes on) into the freezing water.


At 4 pm we went to the archery station were everyone of us had one run of shooting arrows (the time was tide). 

Archery in Barrow

Going back to the boat

On our way back to the boat, most of us were very tired and some of us slept in the bus, exhausted from this exciting day.

New crew arrived

When we arrived back at the ship we got informed, that around 1500 people from the festival came to visit our ship. Some of us ran quickly in to the supermarket to get some midnight snacks. We sadly had to say godbye to 6 crewmembers but we also got 6 new ones. A bit later, some of the boys decided to play poker again. Then Don Corleone and Ronney the rifle invited Freya to play poker with them. It was a good day.

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