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A day in photos

Date: 15th of December 2021
Author: Jele
Position: Carribbean
Geographic Position: 10°18´8 N 073°35´6 W
Etmal: 6629

For my daily report today, I thought it would be a good idea to bring you guys along the day.
So I took a picture every hour from 4am to 4 pm to bring you closer to our life on the Pelican.

Schülerin mit Handy

The first picture I took, is a stunning photo of my reflection in the mirror at about 03:30. I was woken up five minutes before I took this masterpiece and was just about to get ready for my watch from 0400 to 0800 in the morning.

Schüler nachts

On the second picture you can see the wonderful Knut on watch at 5:30, who is just trying to enjoy his break / stand by, but is interrupted by my photographical talent.

Rigg im Dunkeln

This picture of our mainmast is the third photo of the day. There is no particular reason why I took this photo, except that it was the first thing that I saw.

Frühstück an Deck

At 6:30 half of the watch had early breakfast, witch is usually embellished with a beautiful sunrise, but this day unfortunately, it was very cloudy.

Arbeit bei der Wache

Back on watch at 7:30 I took this picture of Ann, she is a very important member of the Mizzen A gang, because she makes even the boring minutes funny.

Schüler am Steuer

At the end of the watch at 8am I took this photo of Knut/Knudi, besides I can also only say that the watch would be just boring without him.


Between the sixth and the seventh picture at 11 o`clock, I slept for about 3 hours until I need to get up again for the ship´s company meeting.

Lunch an Deck

Still completely sleepy we had lunch at 12:30 for fore-and mizzen watch.

Unterricht an Bord

At 13:30 we had our fist lesson of the day.

Schülerinnen an Deck

After a quick break at 3 pm and this beautiful picture of Maria and Laure we had school again until 5pm.

Ausruhen an Deck

The end of this daily report is a picture I took at 16:30. You can see the people with whom I have heard Harry Potter.

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