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Date: 28.11.2018
Author: Sinan
Position: Atlantic
Geographical Position: 16*22.8 N; 31*46.2 W
Etmal: 3252

If I was at home I would wake up at 06:30 and not at 07:00 like I do here on board of the Pelican of London. I would take a shower, brush my teeth, eat my breakfast and try to catch my bus to school. This would be my morning routine if I wasn’t on a sailing ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

My morning routine here is to get woken up from the Blue Watch who are on watch from 04:00 to 08:00 o`clock in the morning. After the student who woke me up has left the room, I often just switch off the lights again and get myself another 15 minutes of sleep.

After that, I dress (that is grab sth. and hope that it is clean) and run into the mess to get some food before the breakfast is over and the cereals or toasts are taken away. Because the morning school starts at 08:00 I have to help cleaning up the mess and run downstairs back into my cabin to get my school stuff.

In my hometown Ratingen I would eat my lunch in the cafeteria, get my bus back home  and start with my homework which I usually finish quite quickly. Then I’m free for a few hours until I have to go to the swim training at 18:00. When I am done with swimming and back home my parents make dinner and I go to sleep.

My school on board ends at 12:00. This is also the time at which the first sitting for lunch starts and we have to clean our school stuff away as fast as possible. After lunch at 13:15 we have our „Happy Meeting“ with progress updates and announcements for the day.

When the „Happy Meeting“ is over we normally have „Happy Hour“ which means that one of the Watches has to clean the toilets. Then I have freetime until dinner at 18:00 which I usually use for sleeping, chilling in the mess or school stuff. After dinner I have even more spare time until my watch (Red Watch B) from 20:00 to 24:00 begins.

That was my comparison of a normal day on board and a normal day in my hometown Ratingen. Today was one of the rare days when nothing really extraordinary happened. But that‘s still special. Oh, and another difference: we are still wearing shorts and t-shirts at the end of November 🙂
Greetings from the Tall Ship Pelican

P.S. Grüße an meine Eltern, viel Spaß Zuhause.
P.P.S. Grüße an Elsa von Rene
P.P.P.S. Viele Grüße an die Familie Jacobs

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