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A day in Vigo

Date: 17.10.2020
Author: Marie
Position: Vigo, Spain
Geographical Position: 42° 20,5’N , 009°07,7W
Etmal: 151 NM (total distance: 1165 NM)

Morning sport

For me, Mia and Karun the morning started at 05:30 am for a workout. It was warm but a bit cloudy. After that I took a shower and ate a toast with nutella because saturday is NUTELLA- day. At 07:00 Nicolas handed out the phones. I called my parents and my boyfriend. I think everybody was happy to hear a trustworthy voice.

Before we went to the city, we made a short quiz about Vigo. We students went ashore in small groups to Vigo. We were allowed to make our own groups. The rule was to be at least three and not more than 10 students. We had to wear all the time a mask only for eating we could take the mask off.

Shopping Trip

First we have taken a taxi to the shopping mall and drank coffee there. I was so happy to drink a good coffee with milk but the coffee of my dad is much better. Lorn, Finja, Elias, Julius P. and I went to the city center. In the first shop Elias bought a fishing rod and Lorn bought Vans. The rest of us bought some sweets. Vigo looks really old but in the city center it´s modern and it has many shops. We saw a lot of big lonely houses.

For lunch we ate a Paella which was really good but it was raining. Later the sun came out. At 17:00 we walked back home to the Pelican. Casper had the good idea some days ago to eat pizza for dinner for everybody one night so we ordered some for all of us.

I liked the day because it was a big change to the regular ship days and also we could eat what we wanted. It felt pretty good to organise the time by yourself and do what you want. I am excited for tomorrow because it is a next day in Vigo. I hope it will be a good day too but without rain.

Here is a greeting:
Thank you mum and dad to realize this journey.
Fabian: I love you.

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