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A day on our way to the Panama Canal and our new cook

Date: 17.12.2021
Author: Victor
Position: somewhere close to Panama
Etmal: hat er wohl vergessen

My day started very early in the morning at midnight. No one really had the motivation for four hours of night watch. But with lookout, Helm and standby we managed it even if it wasn’t very exiting. In the end, our watch had the earliest breakfast I’ve ever had at 04:00 am. After that we went to bed and we slept until we got woken up at 11:00 am before the cabin rounds and the voyage crew meeting. We stored our stuff as fast as possible so that the new first mate David is happy. At the voyage crew meeting, the Captain told us that we will arrive in Panama tomorrow. After the meeting we had Lunch, which was excellent and everyone enjoyed it.

After Lunch and a little break we had school with a biology and history lesson. In the biology lesson we started a discussion about Nutella and in History piracy was the topic. At 17:50 pm started the dinner with the first sitting and the second sitting followed 40 minutes later and it was so delicious. It tasted so nice and the dessert was also great. As you might know, we have a new cook since Abby left the ship in Columbia. His name is Kester. I have asked Kester a few questions:

How old are you and where are you from?
Kester is 50 years old and comes from a little town called Windimir in England

How did you find the job on the Pelican?
He searched for a new job on the Website crew bay.

What did you do before?
He worked long time as cook on an airplane, but all in all I’ve heard that he is
traveling a lot around the world

What do you like and hate most about the job on the Pelican?
He hates the most the seasickness, but what he likes is to work with so many
different peoples, generally to explore a new Galley and he loves it if someone
tells him when he cooked good

In this interview Kester was a little bit bizzy and he didn’t have a lot time. But
all in all he is a nice person, a great cook and we hope for a good time with him.

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