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A letter to my family

Date: 17th January 2020
Author: Emily
Position: Coffee farm

Dear Mom, dear Dad, dear Lily, dear Anubis and dear Kevin,

today we left San José and moved to the coffee farm. Here we live in our tents. 

The time in San José was really good. It was good to have more freedom. We could go wherever we wanted and when we wanted. And we had more privacy than on the ship. It maybe seems like it is better to live in host families than on the ship, but it is not.

Of course, the time here was great and I do not know why but I miss the ship. It was good to have a “normal life” for a short time, with school, a family and a home that is not moving. 

After meeting Stephan, who is the leader of the economics pathway for the first time, we took the bus and went to the coffee farm.

Stephan is a rising star in the field of sustainable economics in Germany, for more information about him please have a look:


When we arrived there, it was time to say goodbye to our phones. Next to the beautiful river we built up our tents. I live together with Noé, what is really cool.

We are really getting better in building up our tent. Maybe Noé and I will meet after Ocean College and go camping. 

Until now I have not seen so much of the farm but I think that will change in the next few days. 

After the meeting in the afternoon we got our letters from our families and friends. Thank you so much for your letter and the photos.

I love you and I miss you so much <3


P.S.: Thank you Günter, Ali and Liddle for your letters too. 

P.P.S: Dear Anna and Chaoten, at the moment I am sitting next to the music box where someone put some kölsch music on.

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