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A normal day on the Pelican

Date: 15.10.2020
Author: Lara
Position: Bay of Biscay
Geographical Position: 44°17,9′ N , 09°16,9′ W
Etmal: 419NM (total distance: 1014 NM)

A milestone on a warm day

My morning started with a beautiful view of the ocean. It was the first day since Ocean College started that we had warm weather (20°C) and almost everyone was wearing shorts or T-shirts.

After Pete´s daily plan for the day, Captain Ben told us that we´ve reached our first big milestone of 1000 nautical miles. We also found out that we have still around 300 more miles to go to Vigo and that we will arrive there tomorrow.

Sweets and chocolate on bord

When we came on board we were told to not bring any sweets (chocolate included) with us. Now the teachers use chocolate to force us to do something because it`s a really rare good. Every night, Abby prepares a dessert for us. She always counts the cookies/sweets for each watch. And sometimes it happens that there are some very mean people on bord who steal the cookies of others. Luckily it never happened to me (and I am NOT the guilty one).

During the night

Every night while having a break from the watch, some people have nothing to do. So we sit in front of the wheelhouse on the fenders for talking, singing, relaxing or for just watching the stars.

During the day we can see dolphins or whales there but in the night there are so many stars.

Usually Anoush, Ben or Simon tell us really good stories about their experiences, lifes or something about the enviroment around us (and of course about the ship too).

Lovely greetings to my parents and friends.

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