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A normal Sunday on our Reggie

Date: 19.02.2023
Author: Merit
Position: Bocas del Torro
Nautical position: N 09° 19.852 W 082° 14.231
Etmal: 6316.6 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Brezel for breakfast

Our day started with a delicious Breakfast, thank you to Jojo and Kilian, who always bake fantastic bread and also breadrolls or today also Brezel for us. I personally eat Brezel every weekend, so I haven’t had that in a while, that’s why I was so happy. And if that wasn’t enough we also had real butter and also Nutella. We all ate a lot, which felt very good. We can not forget that today was the birthday of Jakob our officer, of course we all sang him a happy birthday and he looked very happy about that. It is always a special day when it’s someone’s birthday.

Making our home pretty again

We all know what to do when we hear our bell, we have to go outside to the maindeck. As it was Sunday, you probably know what we do on Sundays, don’t you? Yes we are cleaning our lovely ship, also known as our Happy Hour, but the name doesn’t make it any better in my opinion. Some of us cleaned the Messroom, others the deck or the showers and toilets. After we finished our cleaning program some of us got a quick introduction in the engine room, because some of us are new engineers and are looking forward to learn about all that. Around 12:00 the first dinghy drove to shore, so we could have our freetime and do whatever we want. The lucky ones who didn’t go to shore to eat lunch there had Kaiserschmarren for lunch, it was delicious. The next dinghy drove around 14:00 to shore. We also still had our little sailing ships, with which we could sail. When we wanted to go back home, a real storm broke out of the blue, it rained in buckets and me and my friends got really wet. After it stopped we got picked up and drove back to sister Reggie.

The last hours of the day

Back on the ship we had a really relaxing evening. The Dinner was also again really good, probs to our new cook Damian. We sang again to Jakob and that’s basically it what happened today, it was just a fun normal day on our boat.

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