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A Poem about the Night watch

Datum: 31.10.2020
Autor: Kilian
Position: On the way to Madeira
Nautische Position: e.g. 35°10,8N 10°35,9W
Etmal: 147 nm (Total:2281 nm)

The night watch is long,
The wind is very strong,
and if you are cold just sing a song,

You will be happy about a helm relieve
but after you get a rope and heave

Claim with no fear
and put the sails in their gear

While watching the dark sea
you can drink a cup of tea

Making the lookout on port
nothing to report gets me bored,

The moon is shining very bright
as if it was full moon tonight,

You want to have a midnight snack
but you have to stay at the poop deck,

After pulling on ropes, coil and make up
you get angry if the next watch doesn’t wake up,

We have to hand the beast
because the wind is coming from the east

We all know, it is not the best
when the wind comes from the west

A night watch can get cold
and if you take a rope and hold
the ship gets faster than Usain Bolt

If we brace, we need every hand
so we get faster to the land

And dolphins do a flip
next to the best Tall Ship!

Thanks to Cornelius and Nora for the help.

A group of Pelican-poets… Cornelius, Kilian and Nora

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