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A rainy day

Date: 30.08.2022
Authors: Lena & Gloria
Position: Firth of Clyde
ETMAL: 314

Trip to the Island of Arran

We woke up fully motivated to start the gorgeous day at 7 a.m. and had breakfast. After our daily morning meeting which is a brief agenda of what the day will look like. Since we were anchored and not in a port, the captain informed us about going off shore which was a 300m travel to the Island by the rib. We found it very exciting because we were moving fast and steady at the same time just to be careful of the rocks on the island. When we got there, we had to find our way to the nearest shop because we are new to the area, however we used google maps to find a local shop and a little restaurant which was were we bought a few snacks and delicious hotdogs. We then decided to walk around just so we can discover the area a little more.

Swimming in the sea

During the walk, we walked down to the beach and decided to go for a swim. The water was very cold likely 12 to 15 degrees Celsius and we were freezing. We got in as a group but then some of my shipmates eventually started getting out to dry themselves. After a while our feet and arms were hurting because of the cold. To be warm again some of us went back to the restaurant and bought hot chocolate which was very helpful. We reunited with the rest of the crew members and decided to play a game while waiting to go back. At 12am it started drizzling. When we got back to the Pelican of London we received some food, but it was very spicy and we needed a lot of water and bread.


At three o’clock we started the engine and lifted the anchor. We are sailing in the Irish Sea heading to the Isle of Man to Burrow. There was nothing to do so we played shithead and Uno. At 4 a.m it was enough wind to set the staysail and foregaff and we also did some bracing but the wind came from the wrong direction so we couldn’t set the square sails today. At six o’clock we had to go on the bridge to take over the watch. In that time we had a very disappointing discussion about crisps because the packages in the UK and in Scotland are so tiny. For dinner we got chili con carne which was spicy too but very delicious. Later we also enjoyed the lovely athmospheric sunset.

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