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A ships load of new friends

Date: 21 October 2019
Author: Simon
Position: Vigo, port
geographical position: 42°14.419N; 008°43.874W
Etmal: 0

Teilnehmer klettert den Mast hoch

During the last week we have developed a lovely community on board. We left Bordeaux on Monday, the 14th of October. Today, only one week later, the new ship´s inhabitants visited Santiago de Compostela. Even though we have only known each other for one week, we have experienced extraordinary things together: We sailed for almost a week, we climbed up aloft to set sails, we steered a 45 meters long vessel, we saw dolphins jumping out of the water right next to the ship and some even saw fountains of whales near the horizon, we supported friends that were suffering of seasickness or felt like dying of it. But all those experiences also united us. While I boarded a ship of strangers a week ago, I was heading for Santiago with friends.

Santiago de Compostela

The cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is a very impressing building and the old part of the city is very welcoming. We saw many different places and came in touch with various people while searching for the biggest star in Santiago, “las dos Marias” or for a place to eat typical Spanish food. In the end, we met again in front of the cathedral and wrote letters to ourselves. They will be send to Pete’s Sports Bar on the Azores so we will get our own letter when we arrive there and that will be when our voyage will nearly have come to an end.

Gruppe in Santiago vor der Kathedrale

Communication and Reflection aboard

In front of the cathedral, we had group discussions in which we talked about what impressed us the most, what we didn’t like, where we helped others or what we were grateful for. Even though many of us really suffered of seasickness for quite some time, nearly everything we reflected on was positive. We also did the reflections with regards to our “Klarheit” book. In there you can find a weekly reflection section with questions like that. That inspired us to use the book with all its suggested features.

Mehrere Kalender liegen übereinander
unser Klarheit-Kalender…

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