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A short story about the universe

Date: 24.11.2020
Author: Silja
Position: Somewhere on the Atlantic
Geographical Position: 020°24,0N, 022°44,3W
Etmal: 89NM (total distance: 3647NM)

Schülerin Silja am Steuer
Silja am Steuer

The Story

A long time ago, in a universe far, far away from us, there were a couple of planets.

One planet was the prettiest of all. Most parts of it was full of water, other parts were formed out of earth. On this little planet lived nobody for a long time, only microorganisms were around.

Along the time they developed into creatures, which controlled the land.

The time went on and on and a big number of special creatures lived on the planet.

But not long ago there was the development of a race nobody has known before. They called themselves humans and dominated the world. And by the way, they called the planet Earth.

The humans loved the water and the place were they lived, so they began to build objects to drive on the water. So they built ship with sails, to use the wind to sail over the different oceans. The time ran and the humans developed more and more.

Most of them loved the water always, but there was also a little group of people, who hated the oceans. But they are not interesting for us.

We want to stay busy with the ocean lovers. So, how I said, they loved the wet miracle and wanted to show this wonder to their children, starting when they were young. Once upon a time, in a city I will not name, lived one of the special humans who loved the oceans a lot.

He asked himself: “What can I do, that children can live on or next to the water, so that they can see how beautiful it is? But this will need lots of time. They will miss school.”

He had the best idea of the world: School on a sailing ship. A great and big trip for six month over one of the big oceans into a part of the earth, where it is very warm and the weather is almost perfect. So he started to make his dream come real and now it is the 4. journey with the sailing ship nearly around the world.

All students are aged between 14-17 years and love sailing and all that has to do with water.

Our Story

Now the time is come, were I tell you something about our phenomenal trip. I hope all people know, that I don´t want to tell our whole story, but I think a few words will flow over the paper.

The journey started in the north of a big landscape, which is called Europe. We stayed there for a few days, only to settle in. After this our trip really started.

We sailed first to a big island. After this back to the westcoast of Europe (or however they want to call this). On this way we sailed straight south to more islands and visited them. Very exciting!

We sailed more south and now we sail to the west over the big ocean to the new and unknowing landscape. Everyday we learned and will learn new things. The things we´ve already seen on the journey were much more beautiful than anybody could expect.

For example dolphins, wales, flying fish and sea turtles. But not only the animals were lovely, also the sunrises and sunsets were spectacular. Not to forget the beautiful nightly sky with all the tremendous stars.

As I said, now we are sailing into the unknown big ocean.
Please wish us luck 😉

Go West… Fair winds!

P.S: Hi Mami und Skippi und natürlich auch Yago und Darka. Ich hab euch ganz doll lieb und vermisse euch. Und Bubu (Hanna, hat das letzte Mal ja etwas zu Verwirrungen geführt), dich lieb‘ ich immer noch ganz doll. Vermisse euch bis zum Mond und zurück und wieder hin. Bis ganz bald, eure Silja.
P.P.S: Clara gratuliert Oma Christel ganz herzlich nachträglich zum Geburtstag.

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