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A sickness wave in the White-Watch

Author: Amelie
Date: 29th December 2019
Geographical position: 12,41.41N/  76,26.88W
Position: On our way to Panama
Etmal: 152 Days: 79 of our voyage

Our situation: Did you remember the beginning of our voyage, when we sailed in the Bay of Biscay? When most of us were seasick? Especially most oft the white watch members were seasick? Now we have kind of the same situation: with the small difference that nobody is seasick any more. But four of nine white watch members are sick not seasick “really“ sick.

But what does it mean for all the other crew or watch members? Watch with only two students. Let us start with the situation if there are sick members during the watch. In white watch we are normally nine students, one mentor and the officer of the watch. Every watch is seperated in A and B watches. In the A Watch there are five students who had watch from 00:00 to 04:00 and in the B watch we are four students. We had watch from 12:30 to 16:00.

But four of our nine watch members are sick. Two of them are A watch and two of them are in the B watch. That means that the A watch are now only three and in the B watch we are now two students during one watch. In the B watch it´s really important that you are a multitasking talent. So that means that one is on the to helm and the other one is starboard and port lookout at the same time.

Often other friendly people help us out. Thank you for your help!

Sick during galley duty

We also have to change the plans for the galley duty. That means when one of our sick watch members is in the galley we have to find someone who can change duties with the sick person who is normally on galley duty. Sometimes that is somebody from the A watch that changes with the sick person and sometimes one of another watch is doing the galley duty for us.


But that is not everything that we have to do in this situation. On top we have to take especially good care of our personal hygiene. That means we have to wash our hands as often as we can. For example before and after we go to the toilette, before we want to eat something, when we touch our face and before and after a lot of other situations. Also we have to clean more during the daily cleaning routine. Tamsin said we should use a lot of E-pine with hot water.

We also get some gloves when we clean. Because no one wants to become sick, it’s now kind of a challenge, to be faster as your watch members down in the alleyway in front of the laundry place, where we get all our cleaning stuff. There we distribute all the cleaning jobs we have to do (toilets, sinks, showers, walls etc.).

A good hint is also to have a lot of stuff that the others want, sweets for example. So that you have something to bribe the other members with so that they do your job in the sick cabins or you have to negotiate very well. For example you do a job for that one who is doing your job. Maybe you do the mentor‘s bathroom for them. But there you have to be fast becaus it’s not a really good deal for the other one who is doing the sick cabin.

We all hope that all our sick crew members get well soon and we hope to see you on watch soon.

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