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A simple but happy life – Santa Antao

Date: 22. November 2019
Author: Marlene K.
Position: Santa Antao
Geografical Position: 16°57. 3N/ 025°18 81W
Etmal: 0

First impression of Santa Antao

The first thing I realized, when we arrived on the island of Santa Antao, were the small colorful houses, the black sand, the palm trees and the dusty roads.

We were welcomed by the local inhabitants of the village and they gave us some impressions of their life. We went to a small school, played soccer with the locals and ate lunch in a tiny and comfortable restaurant.

Schülerinnen laufen durch die Straßen von Santa Antao

Visiting a School and learning about agriculture in Santa Antao

The first stop of our walk up a small hill was the local primary school. As our island guide luckily also happened to be the head master of that school, we were able to have a look behind the classroom doors.

While continuing our walk, our guide explained us how the agriculture works.

Instead of a monocultural planting of just a single type of vegetable, they grow a variation of different vegetables directly next to each other.

Very common is a root called Yams, that how we would find out later tastes absolutely delicious.

Santa Antao agriculture

Santa Antao – beachtime and baby-turtles

After a delicious lunch with local fish and vegetables, we finally went to the beach. (Tiny side note, don’t walk barefoot on black sand you’ll regret it.)

Our guide wanted to show us some places where the turtles lay down their eggs. We were in the happy position to find some eggs.

Unfortunately they got smashed from the waves. After searching for ten more minutes, we found 3 little baby turtles still covered by the sand. Some of us were allowed to take them in their hand and feel the small feeds trying to walk.

In the end we put them back on the beach and watched them
trying to get in to the save water.

They fought against the big waves and we all cheered the turtles on. It took approximately 10 minutes to get into the water.

The end of the day

At the end of the day on the island Santa Antao, some of us played soccer with the locals. The others were allowed to take a swim or just watch the game.

I talked with many people about the island and the whole day and most of them said that it was the best day.

PS: Ich wünsche dir alles, alles gute zum Geburstag Lotti. Leider konnte ich nicht dabei sein, aber wie mir Jacky zum Trost sagte: “Ihr guckt immerhin auf die gleiche Sonne!” Wo sie recht hat hat sie recht. Als ich am Strand saß, habe ich mir bildlich vorgestellt, wie dein Geburstag ablief. Wie du deine Geschenke öffnest, deine Kerzen ausbläst und mit deinen Freunden feierst.

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