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A special day with special news

Date: 09th of November 2022
Author: Thea
Position: Atlantic, on our way to Lisbon
Nautical Position: 38°08´8 N; 010°35´9 W
Etmal: 1541

Student of Pelican of London

Waking up to a beautiful sunset

Today was a nice day – perfectly to the fact that we are now one month on the ship. We got woken up by the birthday girl Ellen. While we were on watch we got honored to see the most beautiful sunrise since our voyage started. The dolphins were swimming in the golden sea. You could recognize that we get further south because it was warmer than the other before.

Every cloud has a silver lining

Sadly, we needed to take down the sails for the reason that we needed to test the repairs of the engine. Everything was working but not to the standards that we would like for the Atlantic crossing. That’s why we are heading to Lisbon harbour where the engineer can have another look at it while everyone is ashore. We are all very exited to go to Lisbon.

We got some nice guests

Another highlight were the dolphins. They joined us on our way for at least fifteen minutes. We were able to look at them in the clear, dark blue water. While one half of the group was sitting in the Messroom and listening to the interesting lesson of our teacher Simon, suddenly we heard happy screams from deck. Britta told us that right next to us were whales, but when we walked outside they were gone.

Taking down the sails

The Mizzen Watch was happy to climb up the main-mast. It wasn’t that wavy but the swell was pretty high at that moment. They managed it perfectly and stowed the sails. For most of them it was the first time up there in action. Thats why it took them three hours.

students in the rigg

Singing in the sunset

When school finished, as good as everyone had some free time. Some of us came together at the wheel house and sang some shanties. The loud voices, as specially from 2. Mate Simon, Theo and Lennox, were leading us and you could feel the great atmosphere all around the ship.While we were singing there was a beautiful sunset which was even more beautiful than the sunrise. The whole sky was covered in the most beautiful colors. While on the one side of the ship there was a sunset, on the other side a big red moon made our view. As it got darker and darker, the stars came out and we gathered in the messroom.

Another Pathway presentation

Annbritt held the great Pathway presentation. It was very interesting to listen to the different facts about coral reefs. All in all, it was a great day with great conversations and new experiences. We learned many things, especially in school. We are excited to arrive in Lisbon tomorrow morning.

To the ones we love!

Lennox – Ich grüße meine Familie und alles Gute nachträglich an meine mum. 🙂
Saba – Kussi an Julia <3Theo – Ich grüße meine Familie und meine Freunde. 😉
Hannes – Ich grüße besonders meinen Hund Klempner und auch meine Familie <3
Hanna – Ich grüße Malena, Anneke, Hannah, Lisa, Thea und Charlotte.
Elizabeth – Ich Grüße Amelie.
Franzi – Vermiss dich unendlich Karli!
Thea – Ich grüße Ama, Apa und Renate.

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