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A supposedly easy day….

Datum: 17.11.2022
Autorin: Lina
Co-Autorin: Lenya
Position: near the coast of Portugal
Nautische Position: N 41° 00.00 W 09° 09.674
Etmal: 1018,6 sm 

All hands on deck 

This morning most of us were very excited to depart towards warmer regions. We were all kind of annoyed of being in a very rainy Vigo…. I mean our laundry from Monday is still wet and unless you want a wet bed, window opening was impossible. Anyway at around 9 o’clock we started sailing out of the harbour. I actually steered the ship out and I think everyone who looked at me saw how scared I was to crush into something.

Luckily I managed to get us out safely. Everyone was on deck to set the sails while it was raining cats and dogs. Around 11 o’clock the sky cleared and most of us were happy. 

My best friend: The bucket 

I guess everyone of us has already found really good friends here. But the best one has always been the f**ing bucket. We take it everywhere we go and hug it a lot throughout the day. The place next to us is always reserved for the bucket and people are complaining if he’s missing. But sometimes we and the bucked also have disagreements. For example if he slides across the whole ship – away from me – without asking… That’s why you hear a lot “where is my bucket” around the ship…but anyway we love him very much and don’t want to miss out on a second with him!

Sleep sleep puke sleep – repeat 

On days like this everybody has the same daily pattern. Resting is a very important thing while living on a ship. We are always very happy when we’re sleeping and somebody walks and screams “ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!” In the next two minutes we have to manage to put on all our sailing gear and warm cloth before the person comes back and starts more screaming. 

Suddenly everything is silent 

Today we finally started to sail without the engine. We did it before but this time it was for more than fice minutes. It’s an amazing feeling, like floating through the water… no vibrating through the whole ship and no loud noise. Only the waves flushing against the walls. It’s very beautiful! Also today we finally reached our first 1000 sea miles! 

*Apropos flushing… flushing is a very rare thing on board. That’s because our toilets don’t like to do it. What they do like is black and stinky water. 

Happy happy birthday brother Jacob

Bruder Jacob aka Teacher

To celebrate the day of our next birthday kid, we gave the song brother Jacob new lyrics. 
I think he really liked it and his cake looked delicious too…. I think he could have imagined the day a little better with less seasickness and maybe his family. But now we’re his family and there is nothing better than to spend his birthday with us…. at least this is our opinion. 

At last we are all looking forward to start school tomorrow, I’m curious how many buckets will take part in our biology lesson…

Shoooooooting star!!!!

One last thing, right now we have had 30 minutes of our night watch and already seen more than five shooting stars. It’s beautiful how the sky looks without any lights who distract the light. It’s just dark, stars and apparently some shooting stars :))

P.S.: Ganz liebe Grüße nach Hause, an alle Freunde und auch nach Donaustauf. Mir geht’s gut und ich bin wirklich sehr happy hier zu sein :)) Noch musste mein Freund der Bucket mir noch nicht Gesellschaft leisten, aber das hat ja noch fünf Monate… (Lina)

Leo: Grüße an Omi und Opi. Hab euch ganz dolle lieb. 

Anna: Happy smacki birthday, Elsa!!!

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