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After the Crossing

Date: 10.12.2020
Author: Victor
Position: Antigua
Nautical Position: 17°00,75N; 061°46,34W
Nautical miles in total: 5412

We can see land

Land!! When we have attached the harbour Store on the sails, Sam has seen the island of Antigua as the first one of us. The harbour Store is a special way of stowing the sail. The harbour of Antigua is a very rich port so we had to do a very well stow. It took a while to do it. We all climbed on the yards and from there you could see the islands. It is an incredible feeling to see land after 22 days on the sea. After a few hours we arrived in the harbour of Antigua and anchored there. At the same evening we sang shanties and saw the movie “Frozen”.

Land in sight!

Fish and more fish

At school we had biology on this day and dissected flying fishes. It was the first time I had dissected a fish and I found it quite exciting, as it is something else than just theoretical lessons. We have worked intensively with the gills and have looked at everything with a microscope. In my opinion this was one of the best ways to learn something about fish and in general about sea life. We used the flying fishes which landed on our deck.

My conclusion of the Atlantic crossing

All in all the Atlantic crossing was one of the most exciting things in my life and I can´t realize it right now, that I’m really in the Carribbean. We had all in all good weather, the air conditioning failed for a few days, we saw whales and dolphins, we have seen the universe in the night watches and we have seen other galaxies. It was a weird feeling to live with 45 people for the past three weeks, but I liked it. On such a crossing you learn a lot about yourself. Now I’m just looking forward for the next days and months.

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