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Another day, another place to be.

Date: 31.10.18

Author: Robert

Currently on route to Marocco, it already seems like we’ve put a couple of holidays into one. However, it is not always fun and games aboard the T.S Pelican of London, as we have experienced many challenges throughout this early stage of our journey already.

From a smoking dryer, to an entangled fishers net in our propellor to 5 meter high waves and a relentlessly shaking ship (which especially burdens me), all of us, including the seasoned crew, have been forced outside of our comfort zones.

But let me start from the beginning of our Journey, as this account of our daily journal is not solely dedicated to today, the 31st of October, but to our entire journey so far.

So let me briefly outline it, which will be hard in doing, because we’ve already experienced so much.

So, starting from mid October.

As we assembled in the port of Dublin to set our voyage of, non of us could’ve ever imagined what a long week lay ahead of us, and that is not said in a negative manner, but in a positive one.

Our first big challenge was the sea of Biscay, which is notorious for being the roughest water in the entirety of Europe. Nevertheless, we managed to overcome it quit easily, as nature acted pretty oddly, like so many other times throughout this early stage, and restrained the waves to a maximum height of 3 meters.

Despite this, many of us, including myself, struggled to keep our meals in.

After just a day of sailing, the fishers net I touched on in the exposition of this text, came into play.

It entangled itself in our rotors in the early morning of the 17th of October, on route to Vigo, and it forced us to lay anchor off of the harbour of Rosslare, Ireland. No fault can be attributed to anyone, but the fisher who layed the net too far off the coast and didn’t care to indicate it on any map.

But, there are to sides to every coin, and as we awaited help from divers to remove the net out of our propellor, Niki, our head of school and Ben, our Captain, spontaneously came up with the idea to visit the nearby Town of Wexford, which all of us enjoyed.

After a couple of days back on route to Vigo, every soul aboard the Pelican had an extreme desire towards land again.

And that desire was exceeded with Vigo, a beautiful fishing town a the coast of Galicia, Spain.

Our stay lasted 3 days, in which we visit Santiago de Compostela, the town of Vigo itsself and gave guided tours of our ship to locals.

The highlight of our stay however, was our excursion to the nature reserve island of Cies, where we were privileged enough to visit its calm nature and beautiful white beaches on our own.

The sun lasted through our entire stay in Galicia, very unusual for this time of year, another instance where Mother Nature played a trick on us.

Now, coming back to present tense, Tenerife is our next big stop, but before we make our way to thisbeautiful canarian island, we are to visit Morocco, which the entire crew is delighted about.

Having left the smoking dryer and the 5 meter high waves behind us, we already see the mainland of morocco, being only 12 hours away from our destination.

An already very eventful 2 weeks, but I’ve left out so much for the sake of keeping this journal entry short.

However, there’s just one additional thing I am obliged to mention.

Hendrick, our soon to be 1st in command, caught a squid in the middle of the ocean. But that is not it, as our biology teacher Miriam was quick to think and decided to dissect it for class, just awesome if you ask me. This is really what Ocean College is all about, learning by doing.

The dearest of greetings go out to my family, I wish I could experience all of this with you.

Ich hab euch lieb und vermisse euch.


Robert J.

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